Can you help Bea achieve her Operation Bumble target?

Bea Jackson, Operation Bumble

14-year-old, Bea Jackson is currently on a mission to raise money for The Royal Marines Charity and her local Castleford Royal Marine Cadets X Company.

Bea is determined to make sure that the Cadets are inclusive for all, and the money raised will help provide all the Cadets with items such as drill boots for Remembrance parades.

The Royal Marines Charity aims to help the entire Royal Marines family, and offer a range of services to both serving and veterans – from financial assistance to advice on finding a second, meaningful career.

Bea joined the Royal Marine Cadets 18 months ago, after she was being bullied in school and wanted to develop the confidence to deal with that situation.

During this time Bea has taken to social media to speak out against bullying in any form and to let people of all ages know that there is help out there.

To help spread the work of the Cadets, Bea has launched OPERATION BUMBLE, which will see her completing two of the four Commando tests.

Alongside her dad, she will be completing the 30-mile march in less than 8 hours and the 9 mile in less than 4 hours. Bea will end her march at the Royal Marine monument at Speenbridge in the Scottish Highlands, where she will salute the men it is dedicated to.

At the time of writing, she has raised over £5,000 in sponsorship. She has also attracted over 30 adult instructors to join along with the 50 and still counting Cadets.

Bea’s long-term goal is to become one of the first female Royal Marines Officers, and then a Royal Marine Female Junglie Pilot.

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 situation, Bea has had to move her challenge until June 2021.

Every penny raised will go to both The Royal Marines Charity and Castleford Royal Marine Cadets X Company, as Bea’s family will be meeting any expenses incurred.

A website – – will be launched at the end of July. You can also donate here.

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