Cancer is not on lockdown | Join The Eve Appeal’s Get Lippy Campaign

The Eve Appeal Get Lippy campaign

New research shows that three quarters of people claim to be ‘more aware of their health’ because of COVID-19, but would still delay medical advice if they showed key symptoms of three of the five gynae cancers.

The research, conducted by YouGov and gynaecological cancer charity, The Eve Appeal, found that 38 per cent and 32 per cent of people in the highest risk age groups for cervical cancer (25-34 and 35-44 respectively), would put off getting key symptom, bleeding after sex, investigated until after the pandemic.

Nearly two in five over 45 year olds who may experience gynaecological concerns, wouldn’t seek advice until after the pandemic for post-menopausal bleeding, a key symptom of womb cancer, the fourth most common cancer in women which is highly treatable if caught early.

This May, The Eve Appeal is joined by a host of health and beauty brands to run its third Get Lippy campaign. Now more than ever, we need a greater awareness of gynaecological cancer symptoms, sources of trusted, accurate and up to date health information and somewhere to go to for expert advice without adding pressure to the NHS front line staff.

Nine out of ten people surveyed believe access to trusted sources of health information is important and 84 per cent of people think it is important to have someone to talk to about their health concerns during the pandemic. The Eve Appeal’s nurse-led information service, Ask Eve, saw a 22 per cent increase in calls in March compared to February 2020 with people worried about the impact of the pandemic on them seeking medical help for gynae symptoms or with worries about changes to their cancer treatment.

Over three in five (62 per cent) people surveyed believe health and beauty brands have a role to play in sharing accurate health information. Lead partners Tesco and CEW UK will be joining The Eve Appeal with a host of health and beauty brands to Get Lippy and Loud about gynaecological cancers this May and spread awareness of the key signs and symptoms.

The Get Lippy 2020 campaign will help support the charity in continuing its free, confidential, specialist nurse service, Ask Eve to help give advice and support to families during the pandemic and take some of the pressure off of the NHS frontline staff.

This May, The Eve Appeal invites everyone across the UK to get involved by buying a Get Lippy participating product, online or in store at Tesco or direct from the partner. For every supporting product sold, at least 10 per cent will be donated to The Eve Appeal to help support their vital nurse-led information service, Ask Eve.

Speaking about the campaign, Athena Lamnisos, CEO, The Eve Appeal, said, “We know that there is a gap to plug in trusted health information – particularly around gynae signs and symptoms which are too-little known and oftern surrounded by stigma and taboo.”

“Get Lippy is about talking openky about your health and knowing where to go for help.”

“Your symptoms may not be cancer, but prevention and early diagnosis are so important with the five gynaecological cancers, that getting checked out as soon as possible is vital.”

Dr Edward Morris, President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, added, ” The COVID-19 pandemic is an anxious and uncertain time for all.”

“While it may feel like life is on hold at the moment, healthcare services are still open and there to help.”

“Anyone with new or troubling symptoms can still speak to their healthcare professional – you can call your GP or gynaecologist.”

“We welcome the fantastic work by the Eve Appeal and their Get Lippy campaign to signpost the symptoms of gynaecological cancers and encourage women to talk about their bodies.”

The Eve Appeal Get Lippy campaign

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