If you cannot change a situation, then change yourself

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Just for a moment, consider what your life looks like right now. Is it the way you want it?

It was psychologist Carl Gustav Jung who proposed that whatever you perceive outside of yourself, in people, in events, in situations, in circumstances, are all actually projections from inside of you, like a reflection in a mirror.

What this means is, if you do not like the way your life is right now, it is never the external person, event, situation or circumstance that’s the problem. It is actually a problem within yourself that you are projecting onto a person, event, situation or circumstance outside of yourself.

Everything that you perceive outside of you is a projection from your thoughts. Your perceptions of events, your perceptions of people and your perceptions of people’s motivations are projected from inside of yourself, mostly at the unconscious level. Let me give you an example:

Ron was always complaining that his father was arrogant and disrespectful and this was the reason for not allowing his son to meet his grandfather. Eventually Ron realised that he, himself, was also being arrogant and disrespectful by blocking his sons wish to build a relationship with his grandfather. So just for a moment, consider how you describe other people and the situations currently going on in your life right now? When you describe another person, it often says more about you than the other person!

The good news is that this means the place to solve a problem with a person or a situation is inside you. When people push the problem away from themselves onto other people, events, circumstances and situations, they are also pushing away the solutions. It’s just another form of making excuses. So stop making excuses, stop projecting it outside yourself and bring the problem back inside you, It is there that you can tackle it and change it.

You power to change how you observe your world as well as the people and situations in it.

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