Capsiplex – Slimming tablets review

We trialled these pills over a 6 week period.  They claim Capsiplex is a 100 percent natural fat burning and weight loss pill that its main ingredient is red hot pepper. It is clinically proven to be safe and effective and can burn 12 times more calories than other weight loss pills. ‘Based on studies, capsiplex burns 278 more calories during, before and after exercise compared to placebo.’

We found that you did receive a burning stomach feeling for around 30 minutes for the first few days and if you do not eat within an hour of taking a tablet you also seemed to get slightly jittery.  This again only last a few days.  What we did notice in comparison to not taking any tablets and sticking to the same routine that we did lose on average an additional 4lbs over a 2 week period.  When exercising we also, on average, felt we had more energy to exert ourselves if taken prior a session.  This again will only add to your weight loss.


  1. This product has been used by many known people such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears. They would not destroy their names in telling that this product works if it really doesn’t. It shows with their physique that this product really is good.
  2. It contains natural ingredients that does not harm consumers. Red peppers are proven to burn fats and is being used for a very long time and that is why capsiplex is very effective.  Maybe this was the burning feeling?
  3. It does not require you to exercise and to cut off your meals such as Pizza, burgers and cookies. What it only require is for you to take it regularly, then you’ll surely lose weight and gain more confidence.


  1. Because it does not require you to perform exercise, people may turn lazier in terms of exercising. Even if you lose weight in taking capsiplex regularly, it is still better to have an exercise every once in a while for exercise makes one healthier.
  2. Yes, this product can still make you lose weight even if you eat fattening foods, but remember that it is still better to eat healthier food for too much of fattening food may give bad effects to your body.
  3. Slight uncomfortable feelings in stomach and heart rate for the first few days of taking the course

CG Verdict and recommendation: Yes, we saw some results with these.  Long term any tablet that claims to reduce your weight by not having to do anything remains to be totally tested.

Test results showed that 75% of our CG’s all reached weight loss using these tablets over a 30 day course period.  (6 out of 8 testers)

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