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Now that we had the venue it was time to look at the next big thing on my list and that was the photographer. The venue recommended a few photographers so I had a look at each one.

pure_image_mangapp_manor0008It’s really important you feel comfortable with your photographer. If you’re like me you’ll love documenting things. No matter what occasion it is I am always taking pictures so to me the photographer was really important.

I spoke to a few photographers but none of them were right for me. I spent ages going through their websites until I found John Thompson. Have a look at his website

On the venues website they have some amazing images, specifically the ones taken at night and they were taken by John.

So I called him and set up a meeting.

pure_image_mangapp_manor0021From the minute he arrived until he left I was so hyper. He is an amazing photographer, his photographs really do speak for themselves. He was easy to talk to and really helpful. I can see why the venue recommends him so highly. He was really chatty and open about how he works on the day. I could tell he takes pride in his work and is really passionate about what he does and that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Of course I was also looking for someone who would capture Matt and I in our best light and I truly believe John is the man.

He takes a combination of posed and natural shots and that’s key. Although I have tried to perfect my smile since childhood because I hate showing my gums! I actually really want those special photos where you’re not even looking at the camera, the natural ones where you’re genuinely laughing at something someone said.

Advice time:

Finding a photographer is not easy as with all things it takes time and consideration and price is a huge factor. Lots of photographers base their prices on just the day not capturing evening shots so when your looking make sure you check to see exactly what your paying for. I wanted a photographer who would be there all day taking day and evening pictures. This can be really expensive depending on who you’re using. A few photographers I spoke to quoted a price to stay until the 1st dance but I didn’t want that. Thankfully John’s package included being there pretty much most of the day and night. His night time shots are incredible so I’m looking forward to a private photo shoot with just Matt and I in the evening while our guests are dancing away.

Good Luck


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