Caring for the Carer

With Mother’s Day having just passed by it has really brought home to me just how much my mum has done for me over the years.  Being a parent means making unconditional personal sacrifices, putting your children first and being the carer to sometimes not always grateful recipients!

But what happens when our parents reach an age when they need us to look after them? Roles are reversed and it’s our turn to be the carer.  If we have young families or we live miles apart, it is not always possible to look after elderly relatives on a long-term basis.  It may also be that they need a level of care that we are not experienced enough to provide.
In this situation a professional carer can help alleviate the pressure in many ways.  A carer can be employed on a short-term temporary basis such as during convalescence or, if necessary, more long-term when a client has on-going needs.

For those already caring for elderly relatives a live-in carer can provide essential respite, even if just for a few days or so that you can go on a holiday with peace of mind.   A carer can do the shopping, take clients to hospital appointments and prompt the taking of medication as well as providing all round general care.  They also provide genuine companionship. When a client is living alone and unable to go out on a regular basis life can become very lonely.    Other general living and household maintenance can become difficult to manage if mobility is a problem and a live-in carer will ensure that the home is always safe and well maintained.

We recently had a case where a lady was recovering from a fall and needed help getting dressed in the mornings, shopping and preparing meals, just until she was back on her feet.  Another client with dementia started leaving the house in the middle of the night and wandering the street, which was very distressing for the family.   A live-in carer/companion solved the problem and was less expensive and disruptive than going into a nursing home.

Eden Care & Nursing offers a bespoke service in the provision of live-in carers and companions which allows clients to maintain their dignity and independence thus alleviating the concerns of family members who are unable to provide the care themselves.

If you would like more information please call Eden Care & Nursing on 0845 128 4279 or email us at [email protected] and our consultants will be delighted to provide you with further information.

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  1. Julie lindson

    Great article. We often forget how once we were looked after and that the tables turn and our loved ones need more genuine care more than just a routine phone call and hopefully we can do more by those we entrust. It’s a delicate situation but would be keen to know what others think about our parents and grandparents and how to eleviate the stress of what to do?