Carlton Suitcase review By City Guinea Faye Lawrence

carlton suitcases

The ‘Dune’ is a fabulous hardwearing and easy to maneuver suitcase from Carlton. Made here in London the design is stylish and comes in a variety of colours -some brighter than others for those who like to spot their case easily amongst the sea of black on the carousel. It was fascinating watching my engineer boyfriend marvel at the design features which include a shell structure is a series of ridges and furrows which follow the principle of industrial corrugated sheets.

The case is seriously lightweight, moves like a dream and you really can push it in any direction, the range also consists of various sizes including a handy cabin sized case for those short business trips or weekends away.

For those who like myself are a little less organized the interior is segmented and  promotes organised packing which I found extremely helpful.
All in all a very well designed, sturdy case with lots of handy features which enhance its usability.

The full Carlton range can be found on their website here:

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