How far we’ve come…

As we celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the Suffragettes, as a woman and working mother, I applaud how far we have come. 100 years later, you can’t open a newspaper or scroll through social media without women speaking up, no longer afraid to have a voice. In this past year, we have seen the...
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Gemma Arteton

Gemma Arterton says film producers forced her to diet and exercise for a role

Gemma Arterton has opened up working in the entertainment industry, recalling how she was pressured to diet and exercise for a role. The Quantum of Solace actress described the experience as “traumatic”, but did not disclose what movie she was working on at the time. Speaking to the Guilty Feminist podcast in June, the British...
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Launching rockets: What do you do when fear sets in?

I used to build rockets – metaphorical rockets. Some failed to launch, some exploded mid air, some lit up the sky and changed my whole world. Then, I stopped building them. The reason was a series of events in a very short space of time: death, birth, marriage. I decided to keep myself safe. I...
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Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway opens up about ‘internalised misogyny’

In a recent candid interview, actress Anne Hathaway opened up about distrusting female directors due to internalised misogyny. On Popcorn with Peter Travers, Hathaway admitted that when working on 2011’s One Day, she didn’t give all she could to director Lone Scherfig. The reason, she believes, was due to Scherfig’s gender. Hathaway said that she...
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Dirty Great Love Story | Katie Bonna

Katie Bonna | The playwright talks inequality, interrogating what we watch and the future of female writing

We need more female voices out there like Katie Bonna’s. Willing to take risks to get a realistic female perspective out there, Bonna is a feminist figure to look out for in 2017. An actress, teacher at the Guildford School Of Acting, and now a writer, Bonna is making her West End debut with ‘Dirty...
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Natalie Portman

Male co-star got paid three times more than Natalie Portman

In a cover interview with Marie Claire UK, actress Natalie Portman revealed she was paid a third less than her male counterpart. Portman was referring to her Hollywood co-star Ashton Kutcher, in 2011’s No String’s Attached. Her role was of equal weight to Kutcher’s, and the movie was released just before the actress won an...
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