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The Executive Presence Sweetspot – not just for executives

Over the last two blog posts we have explored the subject of Leadership impact, how Leadership = Impact = Culture as leadership is very contagious. If you haven’t read them, check them out before you continue reading. Thanks! This week we want to turn our attention to Executive Presence and how it plays a part...
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Leadership is contagious

Do you remember the ‘Bad’ and the ‘Good’ Culture Shapers from last week’s Future Leaders’ post? If not, check it out before you continue reading. Thanks! The reason leaders are such major culture shapers is that leadership behaviours are contagious. A study by Zenger & Folkman where 51 leadership behaviours were tested for their contagiousness,...
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Leadership = Impact = Culture

Leadership is the act and art of influencing and impacting others. This means everyone is a leader. As the picture below shows, the impact you have starts from within. Powerful impact starts with self-leadership; how you think about yourself and how you see yourself becomes what you send out. And that in turn affects what...
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The Leader’s Guide to Impact

What impact are you having on people around you? And what results does that impact create? Are they the results you want? Our new book “The Leader’s Guide to Impact” explores that topic of leadership impact and how incredibly important it is, in building relationships at work, in collaboration, in goal achievement and much more....
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Three steps to relationship mastery

No one can succeed alone. In fact, a major factor for the survival of our species over time has been, and continues to be, our ability to connect with and collaborate with others. So, building strong, collaborative, creatively challenging and trustful relationships could be the most important thing you ever focus on. Who are the...
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Be a Disruptive Leader Step 5: Think ‘H2H’ – Human to Human

We have come to the fifth and last agile step in our series about the Disruptive Leader. In the fourth and penultimate step, we talked about how to empower people by giving some stability to make it easier to act with agility. Following on from that, this last post in the series, ties it all...
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Be a disruptive leader | Step four: Give enough stability so that people can act with agility

As we’ve discussed in the last few columns, being a positive disruptor is a must for successful leaders of the future. So, if you could benefit from developing some more “positive disruption”, then read on. This is the fourth of our five steps of how to be a positive disruptor in the digital age. In...
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Be a disruptive leader | Step three: Take teaming and collaboration to a new level

Our series about “The Disruptive Leader”, the leader the future needs, continues. Last week we talked about how important it is to leave your ego at the door, ie not let your ego stand in your way for new learning, insights and ideas – or indeed collaboration. Let’s build on that and move on to...
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