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Be a Disruptive Leader Step 5: Think ‘H2H’ – Human to Human

We have come to the fifth and last agile step in our series about the Disruptive Leader. In the fourth and penultimate step, we talked about how to empower people by giving some stability to make it easier to act with agility. Following on from that, this last post in the series, ties it all...
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Be a disruptive leader | Step four: Give enough stability so that people can act with agility

As we’ve discussed in the last few columns, being a positive disruptor is a must for successful leaders of the future. So, if you could benefit from developing some more “positive disruption”, then read on. This is the fourth of our five steps of how to be a positive disruptor in the digital age. In...
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Be a disruptive leader | Step three: Take teaming and collaboration to a new level

Our series about “The Disruptive Leader”, the leader the future needs, continues. Last week we talked about how important it is to leave your ego at the door, ie not let your ego stand in your way for new learning, insights and ideas – or indeed collaboration. Let’s build on that and move on to...
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Be a disruptive leader | Step two: Leave your ego at the door

We’ve come to the second step of positive disruptive leadership – leave your ego at the door. We all have egos, and at times they positively spur us on, they keep us focused and going. But egos can also be detrimental to success. Egos can make us blind to new thoughts and ideas, if we...
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Be a disruptive leader | Step One: Build your strategic ability

Last week we talked about the necessity of being a Disruptive Leader in order to be the leader the future needs, someone who can navigate, lead and collaborate through the choppy waters of constant change. This week, let’s look at the first of the five agile steps we outlined on HOW to be such a...
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Be a Disruptive Leader! | Future Leaders

No, that’s not a typo – we mean that. People often think that to be disruptive is something negative, and it definitely can be, someone’s behaviours can be disruptive and unhelpful in a meeting for example. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. No, we would argue that it can also be very positive...
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The beauty of a flexible mind

Last weekend I had the privilege of being in Oxford, listening to various topics being debated by Year 10 students. What an amazing experience! What incredible flexibility of mind these teenagers were able to convey. I was so very impressed and indeed inspired. It was an International debating final with students from seven countries, all...
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Not just one bottom line but three!

Most people are familiar with the concept of the bottom line. It’s about financial viability. Decisions need to consider the impact on the bottom line; ie – is this action/product/service/investment etc going to add to the bottom line or subtract from it? This is of course of great importance to any organisation. It’s not viable...
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