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Being a busy career woman and mother of two, Amanda Redman knows how challenging it can be just to keep on top of daily priorities. Over the last 16 years she must have worked every combination of full-time and flexible working to try and achieve the best “work-life” balance for her and her family.Amanda Redman

In that context, she also appreciates how challenging it can be to find time to work on other things that you know are important, like your personal finances. Where do you start? What is an ISA really, and why should you start saving into a pension? The world of financial services can seem daunting and complicated, so she is intending to unravel the mysteries for you in her blog, and help you relate it to your everyday life. She will highlight what’s important and explain why it’s important, so that you feel more informed and better prepared to make decisions that are right for you.

Planning a secure financial future for you, your family and your business is one of the most important steps you will ever take, so she hopes she can inspire you to take action!

To receive a complimentary guide covering Wealth Management, Retirement Planning or Inheritance Tax Planning, please contact Amanda Redman on 07801 045587, email [email protected] or visit was founded in April 2008 and launched in September 2008, with the aim of providing information to women who wish to progress in their careers via networking and events.  The concept of the website is to provide services that not only help women develop themselves both personally and professionally, but also contributes to a wider strategy of supporting working women in the UK more broadly by bringing together the charity sector and potential entrepreneurs on to one common platform.

Post referendum - 3 steps to manage your personal finances (F)

Post referendum : 3 steps to manage your personal finances

None of us know what’s in store for the UK over the coming years – financially, economically, politically, socially….but to what extent do we ever really “know”? Change is always a feature of life, and whilst we may experience some fairly dramatic impacts in the short-term, it’s always been hard to predict the future a...
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Flowers of spring

Spring Clean your Finances

So, the new tax year is with us, it’s Springtime and, although the General Election might be causing uncertainty and speculation about what the future might hold for us all, it’s a good time to be spring-cleaning your personal finances. The start of the new tax year is always a great time to start making...
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3 simple steps to a great financial 2016!

New Year Resolutions are high on everyone’s agenda, and we all have renewed determination to tackle jobs that we’ve been putting off for a while! Financial Planning can fall into that category, and sometimes it can be hard to know exactly where to start….but the benefits of being clear on your medium and longer term...
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Cash in Hand

Having cash that’s easy to get to – for example in a bank or building society account, Premium Bonds or a cash ISA – is the foundation of any good financial plan. We all need money to cover unforeseen emergencies, as we don’t want to raid any medium to longer term investments if we can...
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Changes - Road sign

Changes Galore!

Since April of this year there have been many many changes to the rules that govern aspects of our personal finance, so you may be forgiven for not being sure what the various allowances, thresholds and exemptions now are. It’s a mixed bag of good news and not such good news! Some of the key...
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money with plant

Getting smart with investing

What does it take to be a smart investor? It’s not a difficult thing to achieve, and should be something we all strive to be if we take our financial futures seriously. And who doesn’t want to ensure that they and their family are well provided for, not only right now, but in the future...
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Numbered Cubes

Providing for your Nearest and Dearest

The recent plane crash tragedy has once again reminded us that we have little control over external events, that bad things do happen, and that unfortunately we may never know when our number’s coming up….. From a financial planning point of view, the best thing we can do is to ensure that our family is provided...
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woman surrounded by money

Who will benefit ? How to pass on your Assets without a huge tax bill

With tax avoidance and evasion in the news at the moment – and few people being sure what the difference is! – I thought I’d talk about an area of tax planning that is actually encouraged by HMRC, and that is Estate Planning or Inheritance Tax planning. It has been described by successive governments as...
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