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This is the Lady Val blog. Though she is breaking tradition because only daughters of hereditary Peers can use their first name (eg Lady Diana Spencer) so by rights she should be known as Lady Corbett. But by Networkers and others she is know as Lady Val so she has given up  keeping a wary eye on the Tower of London.

Avon Empowering Women AwardsWhy is Lady Val she a Ladeee?

Because her MP husband was awarded a Peerage when he decided to vacate his seat after 18 years of hard slog (with no time off for good behaviour.). Unfortunately a title makes no difference when trying to get a table in a fully booked restaurant and is yet to get her upgraded on a flight, but I live in hope.

Lady Val’s blog is about her life and times – the people she meet, the things she thinks, the way of the world. Anything which takes her fancy and which (hopefully) you will find either interesting, entertaining or thought-provoking.

So the LIFE OF A LADY blog will connect with professional women, expound on lessons learned which could be useful to all of us and share snippets about people she’s seen, places she’s been and everything in between.

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Sending emails? Easy. Ignoring them? Very easy | Four tips to ensure your emails have impact

How often do you receive an email which you don’t read? You mean to. It’s just that you have meetings scheduled and then a business lunch .. you will get around to it.  And you might. When you do though, you look at the plethora of words and decide to  click the X button. I’ve...
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Mars, Venus or Earth: do we need to mind the gender communication gap?

Business women who attend my professional women’s lunches come from a diverse range of professions, ages and experience. But they all have something in common: they subscribe to our motto – “there’s a special place in hell for any woman who doesn’t help another woman”. From time to time they send me articles to draw...
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Lady Vals proffessional womens

A network lunch in moving pictures | Life of a Lady

Over 12 years, this network has connected hundreds of business women to help each other with contacts, knowledge and advice. It also has a strong motivational role as guest speakers are selected to energise and inspire, giving you nuggets to help your business. Our after-lunch free workshop has facilitators who don’t want you to sit...
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good news featured

Sharing good news | Life of a Lady blog

It’s not every day that you get news so sublime you simply can’t believe it.  That’s what happened to me recently and I’d like to share it with you. Most readers of my blogs probably don’t realise that a donation of £10 from every booking of my professional women’s network lunches funds the network’s charity,...
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Lady Val's Professional Network Sign

Lady Val Corbett’s networking, lunch and free workshop

Join Lady Val Corbett for networking, lunch and a free workshop with speakers Jules Chappell OBE and facilitator Rebecca Stephens, MBE. The event features speaker Jules Chappell OBE, on the future of activism in a pussy-grabbing world. It also features a free workshop with Rebecca Stephens, director of a leadership development company. Her topic is...
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Navigating a male-dominated work place: How to cope

Reece Witherspoon, top Hollywood actress, says she’s had enough. Why? Because for many of her films she’s been the only woman on set. The result is that she’s taken control and co-produced a major TV series with Nicole Kidman, another influential actress. Good for them. But these rich women have the power, the money and...
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Emma Stone Life of a lady blog

Hollywood star Emma Stone can’t get her voice heard – can you?

“That’s an excellent suggestion, Miss Triggs Perhaps one of the men here would like to make it.” Every time I think women are getting their share of the workplace goodies I realise we’re still living in La La Land. What’s caught me up short are comments by two women: actress Emma Stone and one of...
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Blonde woman holding her hands up to her mouth looking scared

Kim Kardashian: Learn how to cope with scary moments

The executive women who attend my lunches all subscribe (at least I hope they do) to my motto: “There’s a special place in hell for any woman who doesn’t help another woman.”  I pinched the quote from Madeline Albright, a former American politician. “I’ve altered your quote,” said one of my networkers. “My version is:...
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