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This is the Lady Val blog. Though she is breaking tradition because only daughters of hereditary Peers can use their first name (eg Lady Diana Spencer) so by rights she should be known as Lady Corbett. But by Networkers and others she is know as Lady Val so she has given up  keeping a wary eye on the Tower of London.

Avon Empowering Women AwardsWhy is Lady Val she a Ladeee?

Because her MP husband was awarded a Peerage when he decided to vacate his seat after 18 years of hard slog (with no time off for good behaviour.). Unfortunately a title makes no difference when trying to get a table in a fully booked restaurant and is yet to get her upgraded on a flight, but I live in hope.

Lady Val’s blog is about her life and times – the people she meet, the things she thinks, the way of the world. Anything which takes her fancy and which (hopefully) you will find either interesting, entertaining or thought-provoking.

So the LIFE OF A LADY blog will connect with professional women, expound on lessons learned which could be useful to all of us and share snippets about people she’s seen, places she’s been and everything in between.

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Are you the geek? | Social networker volunteer required

The networker who agreed to do the network’s social networking has been promoted.  Good for her, bad for us.  So I am hoping there is a volunteer on wearethecity who will step into the breech and make the network more prominent on all social networks.  It won’t be onerous work or time-consuming and it is...
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Government Funding Available Now For Your England Based Small Business | Life of a Lady

Find what funding schemes for which you qualify. I make no excuse for pasting this information from a government website because I know many savvy business women who are unaware of these opportunities. And I am sure the funders will look particularly kindly on women who want some business financial help. Click here. Choose from...
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Business Fashion

Do you look the business? | Life of a Lady

It’s unfair that women in the workplace are often judged (and quite harshly) by their appearance while men totally escape this scrutiny. Our new Prime Minister is a case in point – when she met German Chancellor Angela Merkel their clothes merited quite a lot of attention, as did Mrs May’s shoes. A male presenter...
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Allington castle - Charity Fundraiser (F)

Charity Fundraiser | Life of a Lady

I dislike the concept of Ladies Who Lunch so my events have always had a charitable function. Over 10 years we’ve raised over £60,000 for youth unemployment and currently prisoner rehabilitation. The fundraiser on August 13 is for the Robin Corbett Award which awards prize money annually to two small charities who do the most...
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Life of a Lady - equal pay

Robin Wright follows Jennifer Lawrence and plays her (House of) cards for equal pay | Life of a Lady

Robin Wright has a hair style I would kill for but I don’t have the same cheek bones so haven’t bothered my hairdresser. It’s not the only thing for which I admire her. In the hugely popular political thriller House of Cards, Robin plays steely First Lady Claire Underwood, wife and co-conspirator of President Frank...
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business men shaking womans hand featured

Men and how to understand them, not only in business | Life of a Lady

A book by Professor Debra Tannen about how men and women communicate includes this story: a man comes home from work and asks his partner “When do we have to be at the dinner party”. She replies: “You have time for a nap.” That wasn’t what he asked but she answered a different question thus...
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Life of a Lady Feature

So where do you go for business advice?

Would you believe …. the Government? Women are generally more afraid of failure than their male counterparts, according to research which found that in all but seven of the countries surveyed, women represent a minority of the nation’s entrepreneurs. The seven economies where there are as many or more women as men entrepreneurs are Panama,...
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Career women: Four tips to get a date from the man you want

Well I wish I had this advice when I was dating (as my daughter puts it: “in the olden days”) – but I am indebted to Lisa Copeland who is a dating coach – where else but in America. And I have added my own thoughts (quite a lot) based on the fact I was...
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