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This is the Lady Val blog. Though she is breaking tradition because only daughters of hereditary Peers can use their first name (eg Lady Diana Spencer) so by rights she should be known as Lady Corbett. But by Networkers and others she is know as Lady Val so she has given up  keeping a wary eye on the Tower of London.

Avon Empowering Women AwardsWhy is Lady Val she a Ladeee?

Because her MP husband was awarded a Peerage when he decided to vacate his seat after 18 years of hard slog (with no time off for good behaviour.). Unfortunately a title makes no difference when trying to get a table in a fully booked restaurant and is yet to get her upgraded on a flight, but I live in hope.

Lady Val’s blog is about her life and times – the people she meet, the things she thinks, the way of the world. Anything which takes her fancy and which (hopefully) you will find either interesting, entertaining or thought-provoking.

So the LIFE OF A LADY blog will connect with professional women, expound on lessons learned which could be useful to all of us and share snippets about people she’s seen, places she’s been and everything in between.

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Is there an answer to work/life balance? | Life of a Lady

This week I sat next to a 28 year old who was struggling with work/life balance. Perennial problem. She was in the office that morning at 8 and got home at 8 pm .. then woke up at 3 am because she realised there was a letter she had forgotten to post. She loves her...
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Are you in the right network? – Life of a Lady

For savvy businesswomen today, networking is a vital business tool. And women’s networks seem to be more effective, maybe because, as I was told, men-only groups combine so much testosterone and competitiveness, they leave the collegiate spirit behind.  Not so for women. Though we all know women executives who pretend they have balls, most of...
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Life is full of choices …

… and I have chosen. To lie. About my weight, height and age. Let me explain. I weighed the right amount at birth but since then it has been a sharp upward trajectory. I always want and need to lose a stone. So whenever I am asked my weight that stone is always deducted. I...
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Introducing Lady Val our Life of a Lady Blogger

My Loife and Toimes I was born in Cape Town in the Stone Age and wanted to be a journalist in Fleet Street from the age of 12 when someone told me me their job was to ask questions. Getting paid for asking questions seemed like a good deal. But I had to raise the...
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