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New year, new focus: How to build a career-boosting network in 2019!

Welcome to a new year and a fresh start. Working day-to-day or building a business can be a rough endeavour sometimes. Finding the right balance and keeping everything moving in the right direction is not always easy. The good thing is that if you are well networked, you don’t have to go it alone. There...
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Win Christmas: Top tips for your office holiday gift exchange

Welcome to December. You’ve made it to the end of the year. It’s a time to relax! Just kidding, you probably have projects and budgets to close out. You are not sure what to do with your kids while school is out. There is a Christmas list of stuff to buy that rivals, Santa Claus....
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Have you helped another woman today? Are you really sure?

Ah, the sisterhood…Do you have a pussy hat? Check! Are you supportive of broad initiatives to help women? Check! Did you sign up for the workplace women’s mentorship scheme? Check! Now, I am not saying that these aren’t good things to do, but if we want big changes to happen, it is imperative to support...
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Relocation: how to (literally) make a career move

One of my colleagues told me that when she was living in Singapore and recently engaged she and her fiance decided to move to the UK. She liked her job but went to resign given that she would be moving away. Her boss was a bit shocked and asked her if she would consider putting...
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Summer is over…get ready to go “back to school”

The last weekend of August in the UK is a very sad time. Heartbreaking really. It means that the days of drinking on the beach, relaxing and long-haul flights are gone. Summer is over. So, what are you going to do about it? Cry and feel sad or use this as a time for renewal?...
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Five ideas for showcasing your expertise when you are too shy to be shouty

I was recently at a networking event when one woman mentioned that her husband regularly wrote blog posts on LinkedIn to showcase his expertise. She shared that this was something she could never do due to nervousness. A lot of people feel like this. You know you’re doing great work but your don’t want to...
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Got goals? Why your lack of focus is holding you back

As a busy power woman, you probably have about a million things going on in your life. You’ve got goals! Friends you need to call, a parent who needs a card, a partner in need of attention, work, classes, the list goes on and on and on. I will be the first to admit that...
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Using your mentorship to raise your pay and get a promotion

So, you signed up for your workplace mentorship programme or you reached out to someone who is inspiring and they have agreed to help support you. Everything seems great but after three to five coffee sessions, the meetups feel more like chatting sessions and your career has not moved at all. If this sounds really...
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