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Workplace Wonders Blog is written by Lucinda Harlow, Executive Coach. Do I think we can have it all? Nope. But can we have all the important stuff? Oh yes. If we go all out to get it, that is.

I know the key to success is this: stop ignoring or burying the things you think make you weak or unworthy. Find them, fix them. Use up all your ‘brave’. Then get on with being successful.Workplace Wonders Blog

Well that’s easy enough to type here at my desk, isn’t it? Well let me tell you a story.

A story about a lady and an elephant (bear with me). Lady is on holiday. Heels are kicked off for some serious flip-flop action. Plonked under a shady tree with a huge mojito she is idly watching a group of elephants bathing in a stream. They are HUGE. But they are being restrained by a thin rope. Being a Brit she goes Health and Safety loco. Hunting down the trainer she demands to know what the devil? What if the elephants make a break for the border? Well, he says, they learnt as calves that the rope could restrain them and even though it’s not true any more, it’s still what they believe. Blimey, thinks Lady. They’re a step away from freedom but are held captive by their thoughts.

Let’s not be elephants, eh? Here’s her blog about how we can make a run for it…

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