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Anthem released to mark International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women

Urban Voices Collective and Bond string quartet have teamed up with celebrated composer David Arnold to release the finale song from this year’s #March4Women: the classic women’s rights anthem “You don’t own me” reworked by Arnold, in aid of charity CARE International. The song and video has been released on YouTube, Google Play and itunes,...
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15 podcast on resilience featured

Need to get motivated? All you need is a podcast | Infographic

When beset with an unpleasant task like doing dishes or raking the leaves, many modern people turn to podcasts to make their day-to-day more bearable. The time melts away on long commutes, during bathroom cleans, or during that 10k training when the right podcast is on. Some of the most popular podcasts tell the listener...
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Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan wants “women to hate themselves less & know they deserve a seat at the table” as she becomes the first woman to win a GQ ‘Inspiration’ award

Actress and feminist activist, Rose McGowan has become the first woman to win an GQ Inspiration Award in London. McGowan received the accolade for her involvement in the #MeToo movement and for speaking out about the alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein. In 2017, McGowan stated that Weinstein had...
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Chin Up Poster MOFILM featured

MOFILM brings ‘many voices’ on female diversity to life through independent films

MOFILM, the people-powered video content creation network, has commissioned three films from the UK, USA, and South Africa as part of ‘Many Voices’; a global initiative which saw over 100 filmmakers from 26 countries propose film ideas to answer the question ‘What does the year of women mean where you are?’  Led by in-house MOFILM ECDs Trak Ellis-Hill and Lee Margolis, these three commissioned films include: ‘Chin Up’ an...
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Claire Hatton Greta Thomas Don't Stop Us Now podcast featured

Meet Claire Hatton & Greta Thomas, creators of a new podcast aiming to smash barriers & pave the way for women’s leadership

Sydney board directors and leadership and innovation advisors, Claire Hatton and Greta Thomas, are on a mission to increase the number of women who become leaders in innovation and pioneers in their field. Enter ‘Don’t Stop Us Now!,’ a new international podcast created by the duo. The podcast series shares authentic stories and practical advice...
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Don't Stop Us Now PodcastDSUN-logo-tile+podcast_300dpi featured

New international podcast aims to smash barriers and pave the way for women’s leadership, career success and innovation

What do Google, Fast Company and the World Economic Forum have in common? Key innovative female leaders recognised by all these organisations and more, are featured in a new podcast that shares extraordinary career stories and advice with the aim of inspiring other women to take action. Sydney board directors and leadership and innovation advisors,...
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Whatever your background – the TV industry needs you

Television has notoriously been a white male-dominated industry. This is especially true of the factual genre, which is where I work. There has been a move to change this but we have huge strides to reach a more equal footing for women. As recently reported only  a handful of companies pay women the same as...
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Alana Spencer

WeAreTheCity speaks to the winner of ‘The Apprentice’, Alana Spencer, founder of ‘Ridiculously Rich By Alana’

Alana Spencer’s business journey began when she was just 17, selling cakes to her teachers in a little town outside Aberystwyth, Wales. Since then, Alana has gone on to tremendous success with Ridiculously Rich By Alana, her hand-crafted cake company. The latest winner of BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ spoke to WeAreTheCity about overcoming self-doubt, her hands-on approach...
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