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Modern travel – female traveller safety considerations

With the summer months approaching and great deals for flights being advertised daily, it sometimes seems like even the remote corners of the world are accessible with a single click and some hours spent on a flight to the next destination. Women travelling or travelling solo is a not a new phenomenon, however recent years...
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Relocation: how to (literally) make a career move

One of my colleagues told me that when she was living in Singapore and recently engaged she and her fiance decided to move to the UK. She liked her job but went to resign given that she would be moving away. Her boss was a bit shocked and asked her if she would consider putting...
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Retreating from the world – an idea for stressed business women

A human being is made up of mind, body and spirit and according to two of my friends, my spirit level is low. I’m a practical person. Give me flour and I will make bread without thinking about where the flour came from and other similar deep thoughts. I needed to find my spirituality they...
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Getting the best out of your commute

Article provided by Sara Yirrell, technology journalist and author of The Diary of an Angry Commuter After spending 17 years sharing a metal tube on rails each day, I have witnessed many an interesting moment in the hour plus journey it takes me to get to the big smoke… trains are frequented by a peculiar...
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How we live | Expat women in the Middle East

Making the decision to move abroad is not easy. And it can be particularly difficult if you are a woman thinking of moving to the Middle East. One of the reasons for this are the differences in attitudes towards women, compared with the Western world. But the reality is, women account for a significant 37...
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Time for a Body:ReSet?

So you’re sitting at your computer. It’s officially Spring. Jumpers and big coats – going, going, gone. We look at the ‘hibernation layer’ our bodies have accumulated in Winter – albeit large or small and the thought process goes like this….”OK, got to do something. Join a gym. Diet. Lay off the wine. I’ll try...
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Join the movement at the Women of the World Festival | 1st – 8th March

Women of the World Festival is back at the Southbank Centre, London for another year of events celebrating women and girls. Now in its sixth year, the festival is promoting and celebrating all the positives about being a woman or girl. This year features over 150 events, including talks, debates, live music, comedy, workshops, WOW...
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Want to feel good again, inside and out? Experience a luxurious, healthy D-Toxd Retreat in spectacular Spanish surroundings with our exclusive 15% discount

We’re well into 2016 and the dark days of February are open us. New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten. Now’s the time to start taking steps to Feeling Good Again. Here at D-Toxd, there is one thing we are passionate about – helping people to start feeling good again. Think about it! When did you...
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