Inspirational Female Campaigners

Inspirational Woman: Hannah Wilson | Headteacher of Aureus School and the Co-Founder of #WomenEd

Hannah is the Headteacher of Aureus School and the Co-Founder of #WomenEd. She has recently relocated from London to Oxfordshire. She blogs and tweets as @TheHopefulHT and recently did a TEDx talk on diversity. Did you ever sit down and plan your career? I am very goal orientated and have always had a three to...
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Inspirational Quotes: Anne Frank | Diarist and writer

Anne Frank was a German-born diarist and writer. She is one of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust and her diary, The Diary of a Young Girl, is one of the world’s most widely known books. Born in Frankfurt, Anne and her family moved to Amsterdam when the Nazis gained control over Germany....
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Hilary Clinton breaks through glass ceiling being named first woman to run for US President (F)

Inspirational Quotes: Hillary Clinton | US Presidential Candidate

Hillary Clinton is a Democratic politician and their current nominee for President of the United States. Clinton was born in Chicago and raised in Illinois where she attended college. She went on to graduate from Yale Law School earning a Juris Doctor (JD). She then went on to serve as a congressional legal counsel, before...
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Inspirational Woman: Liz Grant OBE | Director & Owner of Fantail Business Development

Liz Grant is a Business Development consultant with a strong affinity to Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace. Liz genuinely believes that Inclusiveness is a business enabler and that smart businesses see it as a lever for growth by improving employee productivity, driving improved employee engagement across all of their staff, building more effective client...
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Inspirational Woman: Abigail Disney | Founder of Peace is Loud

Grand-niece of Walt Disney, Abigail Disney could easily have lived in a little rich (wo)man’s world. Instead, her years at college – studying English literature at Yale, Stanford and Columbia – fired her up to defend women’s rights. A life-changing trip in Liberia in 2006 led her to produce Pray the Devil Back to Hell,...
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Inspirational Woman: Ali Golds | MD of Operation Enterprise & The Juno Project

My name is Ali Golds and I am the MD of Operation Enterprise and The Juno Project I am a serial entrepreneur, having run 5 businesses since 2000, and have also had my fair share of ups and downs – including losing my business, house, car and job when my marriage broke up...
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Inspirational Woman: Servane Mouazan | Founder of Ogunte

Way before the sharing economy hit the news, French-born Servane Mouazan was helping entrepreneurs – men and women – to grow and be heard. It was only a few years after she had created Ogunte, her social entrepreneurship network, that Servane realised her clients were mostly women. She decided to make it her sole focus....
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Inspirational Woman: Lynne Franks | Leading Women’s Empowerment Guru | Myriam O’Carroll

Lynne Franks started her own PR and media company when she was just 20 years old. Her clients included famous artists and fashion designers, as well as leading international brands. Lynne grew to become probably the most well known PR lady in the world. She is also known to be the inspiration behind the famous...
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