Inspirational Charity Women

Inspirational Woman: Fiona Small | Director of Young Mums Support Network

Tell us a bit about yourself, background and what you do currently My name is Fiona Small and I am a mother of two children and the Director of Young Mums Support Network. Why did you start your business? I started my YMSN shortly after the London Riots in 2011. I had just given birth...
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Inspirational Woman: Rita Sousa-Nunes | Principal Investigator at Cancer Research UK Career Development Fellow

Tell us a bit about yourself, background and what you do currently I’ve always been fascinated by the phenomenon of “life” and how it works… From a very young age I wanted to become a biology “researcher” (admittedly, my older siblings introduced me to the latter concept). The seed was planted during the three years...
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Inspirational Woman: Marie Guerlain | Executive Director of the NSPCC’s Art Ball

As part of the sixth generation of the Guerlain perfume and cosmetics dynasty, Marie Guerlain, artist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur has beauty in her genes. Extending beyond the aesthetic, Guerlain’s is a beauty which gleans from her tireless commitment to child welfare, her relatable role as a working mother and her personal determination to contribute. Rich...
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Inspirational Woman: Somaly Mam | Founder of Somaly Mam Foundation

Human trafficking, a multi-billion dollar industry, is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world, with over two million women and children sold into sex slavery each year. This is more than a women’s issue: this is a global crisis, and it must end. Somaly Mam is a survivor of sex slavery and a global...
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Leonor Stjepic

LEONOR STJEPIC CEO at RAFT, CEO of Smart Matrix, fellow at the RSA and Board Member at EPWN | Myriam O’Carroll

Spanish-born Leonor Stjepic started volunteering at 18, translating interviews of tortured children, for Amnesty International. After a career in the private sector, and a life-changing trip to Croatia, Leonor decided to work in the charity sector, full time. Today she is the CEO of the award-winning charity RAFT(Restoration for Appearance and Function Trust). She has...
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