Professional Matchmaking as a Career: Learn how to become a real life Cupid!

Let’s face it, doing the job of two people at work, whilst being an exemplary parent AND having a fulfilling personal life whereby we enjoy our hobbies, volunteer in the community and keep in shape by going to the gym three times a week is darn near impossible, unless your alter ego is that of...
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40 and getting back into dating

Dating is an activity often associated with young age. After all, most of us expect to have found the love of our lives before we reach the end of our twenties, if not earlier. That will be the case for a lot of people, but not everyone. In fact, there are lots of us in...
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Dating etiquette in europe

MySingleFriend unveils the ultimate guide to dating across Europe

In it’s goal to create as many happy couples across the world as possible, online dating service MySingleFriend has scoured the European dating scene and developed an interactive dating map detailing the need-to-know basics for matchmaking across the continent! It’s not news that more and more couples are meeting digitally, and with the introduction of...
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Crying woman

Why do so many men cheat on their pregnant partners?

I know a few women who are single mothers. A lot of them ended up single because their partners cheated on them when they were pregnant. It was something that I put down to an unfortunate coincidence until I read a psychology paper stating that statistically, 10% of men cheat on their pregnant partners. I...
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Woman holding her phone in front of her laptop

What does your online dating profile say about you?

So many of my female friends have asked me to have a look at their online dating profile and give them feedback from a mans point of view. Some of them have even made me write their profiles and choose which pictures they place online. I’m happy to say that I have a 100% success...
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When did it become ok to just go for drinks on first date? | Men Uncovered Blog

So I recently got a call from my good mate who asked me about why courting women has changed in recent times. She’s used to a conventional date, which is to meet up with somebody and have dinner or some other activity such as bowling. She’d been on 4 dates recently. Each of those dates...
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Group of people walking

Why do men check out other women? | Men Uncovered Blog

I’ve observed plenty of couples walking down the street and then in front of them is an attractive woman. I can’t help but to stop and see what happens next. Normally, the woman in the relationship has noticed the woman walking towards her before the man has. She angles her partner on the side of...
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Men and movies | Men Uncovered Blog

My boss once asked me about what goes through a mans mind when the first date is going to the cinema. You turn up to the date and give the lady a choice of movies. She wants to see a romcom. The cinema is also showing an action movie that’s been on the lips of...
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