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Marcello. M run this new dating blog. He is from London and, whilst he has always considered himself to be something of a maverick, he is really just another office guy in the City. Now in his thirties and inexorably alone, he has decided to start recording his dating chronicles.

The aim of this new dating blog is to subdue the white noise and hopefully make some sense of it all. It may provide some satisfaction to know that while the corporate male may excel at workplace bluff and bravado, some of us are utterly inept in the dating arena.

Marcello works in human resources, not exactly a masculine discipline, yet it affords him the opportunity to meet lots of women. In spite of my frantic work life, he spends an inordinate amount of time trawling online dating sites in search of “the one”. As well as his forays into digital matchmaking you will also learn of his ill-judged attempts to charm his work colleagues. Reading this blog will provide you with an insight into the mind of the modern corporate man – who knows, we may all learn something.

new dating blog was founded in April 2008 and launched in September 2008, with the aim of providing information to women who wish to progress in their careers via networking and events.  The concept of the website is to provide services that not only help women develop themselves both personally and professionally, but also contributes to a wider strategy of supporting working women in the UK more broadly by bringing together the charity sector and potential entrepreneurs on to one common platform.


Why you should never meet in a coffee shop for a date

“They do the best flat whites in East London.” This was how Katie described our first date venue – an ‘independent coffee shop’. It sounded like something from an insipid travelogue. I wanted to roil in a cauldron of romance, instead I going to paddle in the tepid waters of Sober Dating. “That sounds great,”...
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My tragic date on Wandsworth Common

Last Saturday I met Donna for a first date on Wandsworth Common. She lived in Balham and suggested we meet for a grassy retreat; a little get-to-know-you summit in the sun. If it’s nice, she said, we can have a picnic. I winced at the proposal. Of all the daytime leisure activities, picnics are my...
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Why Wearing Sunglasses on the Tube is So Wrong

There are countless grave sins you can commit, however, wearing sunglasses on the Tube is by far the gravest. It is a kind of mortal crime, a transgression – an act of indecency, even. Every time I see such travellers – with their overdone hair and constant phone-flicking – I ask myself: what the hell...
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I Tried to Look Like ‘Dad Material’ on a Date

Dating in your thirties is a serious business. I suppose it’s because we’re all on the look out for The One – that special person who represents fulfilment and bliss. It is the Quest of Quests. The search for the Grail. Drink from the right cup and you’ll have eternal youth. Pick the wrong one...
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A date in Borough Market led to foodie-related humiliation

A date in Borough Market led to foodie-related humiliation

If you go a-dating these days you will know all about the pressure to be adventurous – in just about everything you do. From gobbling odd food in backstreet eateries, to dancing a little sober dance at a little sober dance class – the pressure is always there. And you’d better remember that. Know this:...
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Why are we always called ‘guys’ in restaurants?

I was in a restaurant with Petra. It was a fine-dining restaurant – not quite Michelin Star standard – but fine nonetheless. Petra was a great beauty – something that was proving to be a distraction. She was several leagues up from my own and I felt like a fraud; the reason being I had...
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I spoke about my job on a date – and ruined everything

In London, an office worker’s date goes like this. You travel on a rammed train, eyes glued to your phone, harrumphing at the other commuters (who are just as crushed and crumpled). You head into the office and check your emails (if you hadn’t already done so on the train). To your horror – but...
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An Invaluable Piece of Dating Advice

Whatever else you do on a date, remember to look compassionate. This may sound ludicrous, however, think about it for a moment. We want to meet compassionate people. We want to meet people who demonstrably care about others. We want to meet the Kindly Ones. This simple fact is in plain view at all times...
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