Celebrate your differences at Voice At The Table’s flagship conference

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Voice At The Table are celebrating differences at their flagship conference, on 8th July.

Hosted by Hogan Lovells LLP, Changing the Playing Field is a one day conference which will answers questions such as what the corporate playing field looks like; who is playing; what are the rules; and how is it changing?

Aimed at professional mid-career women, the conference will cover topics such as how to identify your own personal leadership style; how to maximise input from a mixed gender, high performing team; and how to become instruments of change in companies.

The agenda for the event will also include discussion and workshops on the 21st century leader, trends in leadership, gender dynamics, inclusive cultures and personal leadership styles.

Speakers during the conference include the legendary yachtswoman Tracy Edwards MBE; Dr Pauline Crawford, a gender dynamics expert; and Danusia Malina-Derben, a consultant to C-suite executives.

Founder and managing director of Voice At The Table, Rina Goldenberg Lynch said, “Our conference is set to be a stimulating day that will ignite fresh thinking and an engaging conversation. We are thrilled to have some amazing women speaking throughout the day and sharing their professional expertise on topics that are thought-provoking and important to the professional woman of today and tomorrow.”

Voice At The Table is a diversity and inclusion consultancy with the core aim of providing companies and their female workforce with the tools to progress and contribute authentically and improving the representation of women at all levels.

Voice At The Table also aims to unlock the full potential of women by building confidence, changing internal dialogue and challenging assumptions.

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