Celebrate diversity with WOW Beauty

makeup wow beautyWOW Beauty, stands for Women of the World and is the one stop shop for make-up tutorials, beauty recommendations, guides to health and wellbeing, and all things hair related. They aim to make the world of beauty less confusing and more accessible to everyone.

However, WOW Beauty aims to be much more than just an average beauty website – their goal is to ‘inspire you, to motivate you, to celebrate you!’ Its founder, Denise Rabor, created the company as she believes ‘that beauty and wellbeing are for womankind, regardless of ethnicity, culture or age.’

The website also aims to connect with its audience and allows women to ask for tutorials and advice. It also features regular ‘Beauty Stories’, which include mother and daughter duos and beauty from around the globe.

Denise Rabor has over 15 years’ experience as an international make-up artist, having worked with magazines such as Vogue, ELLE and Vanity Fair. She is self-taught and ultimately loves the diversity that make up can bring.

Denise believes that her products should be inclusive of every woman, regardless of ethnicity, culture or age. When reviewing or profiling anything, she looks for products that she herself could use. If a product doesn’t come in a shade for her skin, then it does not feature on the site.

Denise says, “I just love the power of makeup to enhance, to transform, and to empower. It’s wonderful to see someone’s confidence grow just because they feel good about how they look. I love the fact that beauty is becoming more inclusive and representative of all us! If there’s one thing that unites us all it is looking good gives us confidence.”

If it’s one thing we need, it’s to start celebrating our diversity and to grow in body confidence – and WOW Beauty is leading the way.

Find out more about WOW Beauty here.

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