Celebrations Planned in 2013? 3 Great Champagnes for the Toast

If you’ve got any celebrations planned over the next twelve months – whether it is a wedding, graduation, birthday, anniversary or just a Friday, then you’re going to need the right Champagne to mark the occasion.

Luckily, there are some utterly fantastic Champagnes on the market that are ideal for toasting a landmark event in 2013 and we’re going to look at three of the best below:

NicholasBrutChampagneChampagne Nicholas Brut:

This wonderfully aromatic Champagne is likely to fly off the shelves in 2013 because it has established itself as one of the most flavoursome and well-balanced varieties heralding from France’s Champagne region.

The Champagne Nicolas Brut is blended expertly from 40% Chardonnay and 60% Pinot Noir grapes and this is really represented in the dry, light-bodied taste of this mid-level Champagne which will set you back around £60 ($80).

It is a Champagne that, like a lot of wines, goes exquisitely with white fish and meat and the flavours entrenched within it such as grilled almonds and lemon expertly intermingle with certain culinary delights such as grilled fish.

VeuveGalienRoseChampagneChampagne Veuve Galien Rose:

A great introduction to the world of Champagne for those unaccustomed to the taste, this Veuve Galien Rose Champagne boasts a rich but light-bodied flavour and is brought to life by all sorts of different varieties of food including ice-cream, pastries and white meat.

Champagne is undoubtedly an acquired taste but this exquisite drop definitely has the sort of universal appeal that will make it equally as popular amongst newcomers to the world of wine as more seasoned drinkers. Affordably priced and with wonderful flavours, this is the perfect Champagne for any special occasion in 2013.

GossetCelebrisVintageExtraBrutChampagneChampagne Gosset Celebris Vintage Extra Brut:

For those with a particularly important celebration to toast in 2013 (and, perhaps, for whom money is no object), the Champagne Gosset Celebris Vintage is certainly one of the very best out there. There are some wines out there whose reputation precedes them and this is definitely one that falls into this bracket.

This devilishly delicious drop heralds from the oldest wine house in the Champagne region of France and this heritage is something that is reflected in the taste. As an “Extra Brut”, this Champagne has a particularly dry taste which many wine aficionados favour.

There are few Champagnes that can boast more depth and flavour than this exceptional example of wine making and the Gosset wine making house shake the bottle every six months to ensure that the wine has more contact with the dead yeast lees – something which enhances the flavour still further.

Though it is far from cheap (costing around £120 / $170), it is something that can really add a touch of grandiosity to any special occasion that you are celebrating in 2013. In terms of flavour, it offers hints of exotic fruit, roasted nuts and even spring flowers and definitely represents the sort of Champagne that you should savour whilst drinking it.

This is, of course, just a selection of Champagnes for you to consider in 2013 and there are so many other great varieties available on the market. It’s all about finding a bottle to match your own personal tastes and budget.

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