Celebrities, MPs & campaigners join Parliament Square rally for Menopause Revolution

Carolyn Harris MP, Menopause Revolution rally

Celebrities and campaigners including Davina McCall, Penny Lancaster, and Mariella Frostrup have today joined Carolyn Harris MP and other colleagues from across political parties at a rally in Parliament Square.

The rally is in support of Carolyn’s Private Members’ Bill to revolutionise access to menopause treatment in England.

The Menopause (Support and Services Bill) will have its Second Reading in Parliament today. If successful, the Bill will boost services for menopause treatment across England, and bring in a flagship policy to radically improve access to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). It will also bring menopause into UK legislation for the first time.

The Bill has already received strong support from high-profile figures including Cherie Blair QC, Gabby Logan and Lisa Snowden as well as Davina McCall, Penny Lancaster and Mariella Frostrup. Hello Magazine and Mumsnet, along with leading menopause support groups, have also provided invaluable advice and support.

For many women, HRT is a lifeline to ease their symptoms. It is available free on prescription in Scotland and Wales, yet in England women are required to pay for access this essential treatment. This Bill aims to tackle the issue of prescription changes in England and help those from lower-income backgrounds who may not be able to afford the treatment.

There are currently 13 million women in the UK who are menopausal or peri-menopausal, the majority are in work, with families to take care of. The impact of menopause also extends to friends, families and colleagues too – not just those women going through it.

In addition to proposing this landmark legislation, Harris is also Chairing the Menopause All Party Parliamentary Group, which is running an inquiry into the treatment of menopause in the workplace, medical training on menopause and education in schools. The group is also calling for an NHS menopause consultation for every woman in her 40s. The inquiry will report in Spring 2022.

Speaking about the rally, Leader of the Menopause Revolution, Carolyn Harris MP, said, “I have been overwhelmed by the support received for this Bill and am beyond proud to be joined by so many supporters at today’s rally.”

“From academics and campaigners to celebrities and businesses, they have come together in Parliament Square to support this Bill.”

“Most importantly of all, though, are the thousands of women whose stories, testimony and bravery have powered our campaign.”

“Most will not be able to join the rally in person – but their brilliance has made this all possible.”

“HRT is a lifeline for so many women going through menopause. Menopause is not a choice – half the population go through it, so it is essential that everyone can access the treatment they need.

“I hope that the passage of this Bill will mark a turning point not just in the treatment of the menopause, but in the way that both politicians and the public think about the menopause and talk about it. I said at the start of this campaign that we wanted nothing short of a menopause revolution. Today is a crucial part of that – and a victory for each and every menowarrior who has made it happen.”

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