Champagne for life? We think we deserve it

After 8 years Key-2 Luxury has launched it’s sister – the premium ‘Champagne for Life membership‘ exclusively for women.  This exclusive club offers exactly what it says, free champagne for life.  Although you might think, ‘Great I can drink through a Nebuchadnezzar a night’ this we are afraid, is not the idea.   However they have teamed up with probably the best bars and most exclusive clubs in the country (plus many other countries) to offer a free glass of champagne a day plus entry to some very exclusive members clubs.  The only proviso is that you need to either buy another glass of champagne or have a guest with you to do the same, so in the grand scheme of things it’s all good!   If you have an iPhone you can download the app from the App store and then just show your membership this way at any selected venue.

As a ‘Champagne for Life’ member become a true VIP across the World and…

  • Receive your complimentary glass of champagne everyday of the year at our exclusive partnering venues.
  • Receive complimentary entry to private members clubs and/or priority queuing.
  • Be truly recommended to some of the very best bars both when at home and/or abroad.
  • Receive private invitations to exclusive ‘Champagne for Life’ events.

Membership Fee

  • £500 or 3 payments of £200 as one off joining fee.
  • Annual donation of £25 to The Global Charity Trust due at the end of every year.
  • Optional supplement for mirrored membership card of £50

To find out more simply click here.  Bookmark this page also for exclusive WATC Premium Members offers coming shortly and a fantastic competition courtesy of Champagne for life!


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