Change makers: helping women to help women and children | 2013 Women’s Forum

Driving the change: Women for change

It is impossible to report on Maria Raharinarivonirina without mentioning the work of the other four nominees of the Orange Foundation Women for Change award. Incredible drivers in their own country and for the causes they fight for, they inspire others to walk the extra mile, as they all do every day of their lives.

Anta Mbow in Senegal has launched L’Empire des Enfants where she helps to reintegrate disadvantaged and vulnerable boys. She is embarking on a project to build a new shelter centre for young girls who have serious family or social problems.

Brigitte Michel is helping women at risk in Mauritius through her A.I.L.E.S (Assistance, Information, Freedom, Hope, Solidarity) association. Working with female drug addicts, infected with HIV and victims of social isolation, she provides hope to those seeking to escape from rejection.

Sarah Toumi in Tunisia founded the Ajmi Toumi association, in 2012, named after her father who has now passed away. One of her projects, Acacias for All, aims to improve the skills of rural women in Tunisia. She gives them access to education, employment and micro-loans as well as social and health infrastructure.

Marie Nomo Messina, who won the award from the Women’s Forum attendees, launched Hand in Hand, a non-profit association welcoming children who have been abandoned or are experiencing severe hardship. She provides the healthcare, education and training they need to re-enter society.

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