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Tips for a stylish pregnancy……

The Most important thing for me during both my pregnancies, and especially my second one recently was to stay true to your own style, you are the same person even if your stomach has expanded into a huge football…  and yes you also maybe feeling like crap…so comfort is also so important… also don’t hide yourself in black the whole time,  I still wore printed dresses & tops from our collection at Ingenue London.. as anyone who has been pregnant will know comfort is key, and there is nothing worse than fabric being uncomfortable on your ribs, and under your bust….

So many of our clients, and my friends have worn Ingenue dresses right from first few months of pregnancy till the end and afterwards, and I did too, and the dresses & tops made me enjoy my bump, wearing prints & colours I love, whether I was going to a work meeting or a friend’s wedding I was so happy to be able to wear dresses from our collection, I still felt what I wore was me and I didn’t have to wear a maternity dress that wasn’t what I would have worn only for it was the only thing my stomach could fit comfortably in… and the hemlines fall beautifully so you don’t have that dreaded higher at front lower on back you can have with non-maternity dresses…. and they didn’t lose their shape despite been expanded till my 9month and my big baby, my daughter arrived 14 Dec at a great weight of 9lbs….

Mena 2It’s important to invest in the great basics when you are pregnant, a great bra – Peter Jones has a great selection…. also I do love the maternity jeans from Gap, great price and comfortable, and they do on trend styles…I loved my skinny jeans….

Also small treat I gave myself was a manicure & pedicure once every 6weeks, this is such a treat, especially when it’s impossible to do your own pedicure as your tummy expands….  it was a luxury but you totally deserve it… I went to Hush spa on Orange square Pimlico, they give the best foot massage as part of the pedicure, pure bliss!!!

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