Chic Summer Hairstyles

Our Style Consultants at KM Image Consulting know that having your hair look fabulous on the go, is very important for your busy life. Whether your hair is longer, mid-length or short, we have a selection of fun, easy up-dos and styles that will be the chic finishing touch to a wonderful outfit this summer.

Leaving your hair loose can work beautifully, but especially if your hair is longer, it’s a great stylish variation to try a new, quick up-do. Especially with summer temperatures finally here you might feel inspired to do something special with your hair.

Here are some simple ideas that will bring an eye-catching finish to your summer look.

To achieve this hairstyle, bring the majority of your hair to one side of your head and roll it all toward the inside, then pin it so it stays in place. This hairdo creates a chic twist for any look from casual to professional and is very elegant !


We love this ultra simple look that is perfect for your weekend. Just roll two hair strands and pin them all around your head so it looks like a crown. This hairstyle is perfect to do on the go. It opens your face but still allows you to show off your sultry tresses at the back.


For an elegant evening out, the double braid crown is a stunning, very feminine option. It is a bit more tricky and time consuming to do and we recommend that you have a hair sylist or friend help you until you can master it yourself. A very beautiful style for an evening look.

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The ultimate, easy and stylish up-do is a big messy bun which is appropriate for all occasions. From a day wear office look, to Sunday brunch with friends, to a fancy cocktail party. It  creates an effortless, elegant style. Add a glamorous hair accessory such as a flower or jewel pin to finish off a stunning evening look !

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For those of you who have a short hairstyle, keep it simple and fresh. We love these 2 looks that completely change your face depending if you sweep the hair over your forehead or style it off your face altogether. Keep it whispy and more natural for day wear and more polished for evening. Always be sure to wear fabulous earrings to highlight your face with a short hairdo!





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