Christmas indulgence without guilt & weight gain Part 1

scale-403585_1280Balance calories

To gain weight, you must eat more calories than you are expending.

Unfortunately it is not as simple as what you eat versus how much exercise you do; the body is more complicated than that. Your metabolism is a dynamic entity that increases and decreases as it is given different environmental stimulus including among others age, activity level and intensity, body fat level, sleep and what you eat.

There’s a few things that you can easily do to ensure that you have this working to your benefit and are able to indulge in the great Christmas food without any guilt.

To balance your caloric intake it is as simple as eating less calories the rest of the day.

I don’t advise going hungry because that will lead to binging and eating MORE when you do indulge (plus being hungry is miserable). Rather I suggest that you consciously eat lower calorie, more satiating meals.

That means:

  • lean proteins (white meat/fish, lean steak)
  • lots of veggies/salad

If you know you’re going out for dinner and intend to eat a lot of rich food, have a breakfast of eggs and spinach & a lunch of herb marinated chicken breast with 3 veg. That’s gonna come in at under 1000 calories, giving you plenty of room to have whatever you want for dinner.

Make your body an incinerator

Intense exercise such as weightlifting or sprinting immediately before heading out to eat puts your body in a state where it requires lots of food to recover and rebuild. Indeed after a really intense session your body will be burning more calories than its normal baseline for hours. Ensuring the stuff you eat is being put to good use and not just deposited around your middle.

If you know that you’re really gonna hit the buffet later, make it an extra intense workout and get more work done. Sometimes it is actually beneficial to overreach a little in the gym, eat more to compensate and you will end up stronger and in better shape at the end of it!

Eat out without gaining weight

The simple things are usually the most effective…Balance your calories and hit a tough workout to put your body in the best position possible to use the energy you are taking in for growth and repair. Doing this pretty much negates most damage you could do to your physique in a meal or two.

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