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Once again, City Guinea has been on the road for the greater good of City women.  As opposed to being sent off for Botox, Tummy Tucks, Teeth whitening (and every other mad treatment the team can drum up), this time they have actually sent me off to somewhere lovely and local!

In my humble opinion, an issue that has long existed for busy corporate women, who, whether they like it or not have to partake in some element of corporate entertainment, is how to find time to get ready for such events when you spent 8 hours back to back in meetings.   At last, our saviour has arrived, in the shape of the Butterfly boutique.

Butterfly is a hair & make up boutique located in the heart of the City.  Their philosophy is simple; beauty treatments created with the working woman in mind: fast, efficient and affordable with most treatments in under 30 minutes.  As well as make-up and hair-styling, Butterfly specialises in any occasion make-up and blow-dry hair refreshes, mini-manicures, quick-fix facials and shoulder massages. There clients cite them as an oasis of calm in the City and their expert hair & make-up artists make sure we, as clients, leave looking and feeling fantastic. What’s more, they are open from 7.30am which means if you need a quick fix before you get to the office, the team is there to work their magic.

Butterfly gets 5 stars from not just City Guinea, but from the WeAreTheCity team

I was sent for a trial at Butterfly and have to admit I have returned twice since.  For the time it takes to line up in Starbucks and drink your coffee, these wonderful girls have transformed you in to a Hello cover model.  The boutique itself is a boudoir of beauty and as well as having exceptionally talented stylists, it is actually a very pleasurable and calming experience.  Whilst you sit there sipping on your herbal tea, a make-up artist is applying colour, whilst the hair stylist is situated behind you with a myriad of styling tools.  Approx 25 mins and £45 later, or slightly more depending on what you require, you are out the door looking stunning.  So, would I recommend it, absolutely. Butterfly gets 5 stars from not just City Guinea, but the wearethecity team.  With the party season fast approaching, there is no better place to be made up and over for that all important Christmas dinner or party.  But act fast if you want to book in, as December is looking exceptionally busy for the team.

Whilst I was there I also found out that Louisa who owns Butterfly used to be a City girl herself.  For more information about Louisa and her journey out of the corporate world, visit her Inspirational Women profile here.  Also, look out for our special offer and competition coming soon.

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