CityEye at City Hall: One Million Mentors

Rising out of the brilliant work done by Uprising, across 7 UK cities, comes a new initiative; One Million Mentors.  
City Hall
View from Mayor ‘s Office at City Hall

The launch last week was backed by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, with a reception in the Living room of City Hall, boasting a fabulous view of Tower bridge.

Sponsored by Gorkana and London Press Club, aspiring journalists had an opportunity to get advice and support from established professionals working in the press, broadcasting and digital media. Speed networking for journalists.  London Press Club chairman Doug Wills said:

“Starting out in the media can be such a challenge. This mentoring event will bring together the journalists of the future with those who are willing to give the benefit of their experience.”


The UpRising Leadership Programme opens pathways to leadership for talented young adults from diverse backgrounds in the UK. Now One Million Mentors is rolling out in London Manchester and Cardiff.  UpRisers participate in regular training sessions in which mentees get to see how the levers of power work behind the scenes in Parliament, government departments and the media. They also test their skills by running their own local campaigns and receive one-to-one support from mentors – other young leaders who can offer support, advice and guidance.

One Million Mentors will build a national online platform to recruit, train and deploy mentors to organizations working with young people, across all sectors.

Rushanara Ali MP Co-Founder of UpRising and Founding Chair of One Million Mentors commented: “We believe the full potential of One Million Mentors could be transformational in increasing employability skills, unlocking new opportunities and networks, promoting social mobility and social cohesion.”

“One Million Mentors is an exciting large scale, social capital linking programme, using the latest technologies. We are looking forward to working closely with large employers and organizations working with young people in order to connect opportunities at the local level, and plug our young people into work. ” – Alveena Malik, Co-Founder and Director of One Million Mentors.

City Hall
Rushanara Ali MP and Alveena Malik, Co-Founder of UpRising

UpRising is looking for mentors in all professions, and mentees , to trial the platform being sett up for training and connecting mentors and mentees.

The next London event is to be held April 5th, but go to the website for further details and to sign up.


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