CMI Women launch #missingmiddle campaign to highlight why women outnumber men in junior roles but don’t make it to the top

CMI Women has launched a campaign to highlight the fact that while women outnumber men at junior levels, not enough make it through to the top.
WeAreTheCity representing the ‘missing middle’

The #missingmiddle campaign draws attention to research that revealed male managers are 40 per cent more likely than female managers to be promoted into higher roles. This remains the number one cause of the 23 per cent gender pay gap.

CMI Women is a network within the Chartered Management Institute CMI.

CMI Women is aiming to achieve a 50/50 split of management jobs between men and women by 2024 and says it needs 1.5 million of these to be women.

How can I get involved in the CMI Women campaign?
Step 1

Photograph yourself with a sign saying #missingmiddle and/or an object representing the ‘missing middle’

Step 2

Tweet your photo and tag someone you think is helping women to progress through the ‘missing middle’ and how (or simply name them if they don’t have Twitter).

Step 3

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #missingmiddle in your tweet and tag @cmi_managers so they can retweet you!

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