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Office Party (336 of 642)wear it pink is Britain’s biggest, pinkest fundraising day, and it’s your chance to invite your colleagues, friends or school to join in, have fun and save lives. All they have to do is wear something pink and donate to Breast Cancer Campaign. Save the date 24th October

Look good. Do good.

Tracy Scott has been organising wear it pink events at work for five years. She whips everyone into a pink frenzy and has raised more than £5,000 for research. So how does she do it?

Q: First, what’s your motivation for getting involved?

A: I’m a breast cancer survivor of eight years now – and when I was being treated, I chose to be part of a medical trial to see if a mix of chemo treatments could lead to a better treatment plan. So I am passionate about research.

Q: So what’s the secret of running a wear it pink event?

A: From the cleaner to the boss, get everyone involved and doing something. Ask them for their suggestions. Form a team to help you put it on. And don’t forget to have fun!

Q: What’s the best way to motivate people?

A: Communication. Chat to people at least a month in advance and let them know what’s happening. Face time is best but if it’s a larger company keep sending emails.

Q: What fundraising ideas work best for you?

A: Everyone brings in cakes and sells them. It’s a good way to get the men involved too because they can make something at home with their kids. We always have a bottle stall too: smellies, perfume, pink fizz, you name it. Then we raffle them off for £3 a ticket. Easy.

Q: What are you doing this year?

A: I love the fashion theme and I think it’s definitely time to glam it up for the guys and girls! I would encourage everyone to join the pink army of people looking for a cure.

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