Cocktail Mixing and Networking

The team at WeAreTheCity were proud to sponsor a recent team building event for The Network of Networks at 1802 in Canary Wharf.

The evening started off with welcome drinks followed by a Cocktail demonstration from leading Bar Manager, Chris. Firstly Chris, showed the group how to make a perfect Mojito, with special hints around waking up the mint. Next up was a Cosmopolitan, again with tips around mixing sugar and alcohol, and last up was a xxx. Each cocktail was then passed around for everyone to try with a straw so they knew what the real thing should actually taste like.

Then came the really fun part. Our ladies were split in to teams of 3, provided with their own set of equipment and were tasked with creating a cocktail that either reflected the evening, represented the City or summarized their network… Hmmm easier said than done – the key component was that the cocktail had to be palatable. Once the cocktails were made, the teams then had to nominate someone to pitch the cocktail to the 2 judges.

For 20 minutes each group tried and tasted various concoctions, mixed, crushed, tasted, mixed, stirred, tasted. Chris and his colleague helped out and gave guidance to each team.

With tasting straws at the ready the judges tucked in. Whilst they swished and smelt, the teams sold their hearts out with true corporate competitive spirit. With names such as Blackberry, Green Goddess (the clue is in the name), Ultimate Cosmo and Ray of Sunshine the judges were set to go. The judging panel were suitably impressed, however, the overall consensus was that these ladies should definitely stick to their jobs in Finance and never be let lose behind a bar.

Comments of ‘ I can’t drink that it is too green’ and ‘This one tastes like Um Bongo’ did not put off the contestants.

After little deliberation, the ‘Blackberry’ cocktail one, not only for its cool taste, but for the pitch. The team described as an essential tool for the City Woman and something none of us can live without. The Blackberry consisted off crushed blackberries and Vodka and was even given the thumbs up by the 1802 team.

The team all won a prize and everyone then went onto taste each others cocktails. The next hour was a true pleasing experience of networking and laughter. This certainly was an ice breaker and bonding session for us all.

We would like to thank Chris and his team for a wonderful evening and recommend this. for either a Christmas Party or team building event. If you are interested in repeating this type of team building event, please contact 1802 directly. Mention WATC and recieve some complimentary cocktails on arrival (professionally made of course!)

If, however you would like to team up with WeAreTheCity on the next one, please get in contact.

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