The process of Colon Therapy (or colonic irrigation as it’s commonly known) is the removal of waste & toxins using a technique that pumps water inside the bowel. Colon hydrotherapy is said to have a number of key health benefits, click here for more detail.

Despite doing some research on the net before I booked my appointment, I was exceptionally nervous about committing to this particular treatment. I had come across women in the past who swear by colonic hydrotherapy in terms of health benefits, however the prospect of anyone going such a private place for anything other than a medical reason filled me with embarrassment and dread. I had imagined all sorts of grotesque images, a pipe that was a foot long, full visibility of what was exiting my body, plus many others too graphic to mention.

After much persuasion by the WATC team, I chose to have my treatment with a former City girl who opted out of the smog and re-trained as a Complementary Therapist. She is also a trained Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist and Colonic Hydrotherapist.

Prior to the treatment we talked at length about my overall health, eating habits, plus the inevitable questions about body waste. After the initial 20 minute consultation she showed me a diagram of the colon and explained to me exactly what she was going to do. She was exceptionally keen to ensure I knew exactly what was going to happen and that I felt comfortable with the whole process before proceeding.

Before the treatment started I had to remove all my clothing from the waist down, I was given a towel at this point to protect my modesty. I was then asked to lie on the treatment couch on my side (in a foetal position). The therapist then placed a lubricated speculum inside my bottom (the things I do for this website!!).

Colon Hydrotheraphy- Summary

  • Would I recommend it?
    Yes I would and I have to confess I am going back again in August. Admittedly it is too soon to say that I have reaped any of the health benefits cited, but in terms of how I felt the day after I am very pleased that I have had it done and definitely feel lighter and less sluggish.
  • How much does it cost?
    £70.00 per treatment (WATC members receive a £10 discount on this cost)
  • How long does it take?
    45 Mins treatment, around 1 hour with consultation.
  • After affects
    None whatsoever, just a great feeling of wellbeing.


Despite the fact the speculum is about 6 inches long (and fairly scary on first sight) the part that is placed inside your rectum is about 1½ long by 1 inch wide (so around the same length as your thumb nail to your thumb knuckle).  It also has a rounded edge at the top which aids the comfort factor whilst it is being placed in to its position. In terms of visibility and your modesty the speculum is inserted almost underneath the towel, so again it is fairly unintrusive. Two pipes are attached to the speculum.  The first pipe is to place water in to your lower bowel and the other to take the waste out – there is no sensation for you whilst these pipes are being attached. The water that goes in to your bowel is set at body temperature therefore is aligned to what your body is used to. Should the bowel not react as the therapist would like she may chose to make the water a degree or so colder encouraging the bowel to re act and contract. Once the water is turned on all you feel is a tickling sensation. As for the speculum, by this stage you have forgotten it’s even there.

Once the water starts, the therapist continues with the water for about 5 minutes to ensure you are comfortable with the feeling. She then starts to work with the pipe that removes the waste. By gently squeezing the outlet pipe she gently builds up the water in the bowel. As she releases the pressure from the pipe, the waste (and gas) is removed. The water acts like an internal shower, cleaning your bowel and softening anything that is due to come out. In terms of how you feel, this is the same sort of relief you experience when you have had a good visit to the toilet. After about 10 mins you are turned on your back and the procedure continues, however this time the therapist massages your tummy to manipulate your bowel and help with any potential blockages. This greatly helps the waste leave your body. As the waste leaves via the pipes, the therapist analyses what is being released and talks to you about possible reasons why your waste is the substance it is. E.G for me, I had a lot of undigested food which she correctly identified as rushed eating (which is true).

Once the treatment had finished (approx 45 mins), the speculum was removed (again a completely painless process). My therapist then suggested I go to the toilet to ensure there was no more water in my bowel before getting dressed. To conclude the session my therapist then spent a little time with me running through suggestions for diet plus recommendations for herbs that may aid my particular digestive issues and gave me a handout with aftercare advice. She also explained that after a treatment your body is in a prime position to absorb nutrients therefore advised me to reap the full benefits of the colonic by eating lots of vitamin enriched nutrient rich foods for the next day or so and to avoid alcohol for at least 48 hours.

In summary, the hardest part of the treatment actually occurred before I arrived and was to do with my own pre conceptions. It wasn’t so much around the prospect of it hurting (although that did cross my mind) it was more the fact that the therapist was going to insert something in to what I class as a fairly taboo part of my body, add on the fact I didn’t really want to discuss my body’s waste at length with anyone. I have since realised that it was all these fears and my wild and vivid imagination that probably been what prevented me from visiting a therapist in the past. I just couldn’t shake the vision of a full blown rectal examination with my bottom up in the air and lots of pipes and instruments to do what should realistically come naturally. My advice to you if you are contemplating a visit is to put all your preconceptions (and associated images) aside and go and find out for yourself. If you can get over the embarrassment factor (which takes all of 30 seconds) you are in for a very worthwhile and valuable experience.

In terms of how I felt after the treatment, it’s hard to describe, but I felt lighter than light. Call it the power of mind but I felt my body had been detoxed and I did not want to poison it again with the likes of Alcohol and fatty foods.

Eloise has consulting rooms in Windsor & Wokingham.

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