Commuter Quiz: Are you in love with your job?

Sort out your career on the train into work with Uevolve executive coach Lucinda Harlow’s Valentine special…

With heady smells of lush roses, candlelit dinners and ‘guess who?’ messages, February is the time for love. So does your job get your heart pumping? Are you giddy with passion or flat and fed up?

It’s Monday again and you’re heading into work. How do you feel?

a. Bouncy! Work is seriously good fun.

b. Resigned. Same old same old.

c. Engaged. Enjoying some tunes on the train, planning the week ahead. All good!

d. Bored. Flicking through the job ads and s.l.o.w.l.y slurping your latte.

e. Sick. It’s come round way too quick.

You and the team have a hot date tonight trying the new bar near the office. You…

a.  can’t wait to catch up all the goss. You’ve even treated yourself to new lippy.

b.  have said you’ll go so you’ll go. You might do your Ocado on your phone while the team natters.

c.  know it’s probably the most important meeting of the day.

d.  plan to quietly duck out.

e.  have butterflies. You have to go but when can you get away?

The last training session left you…

a.  enthusiastic – wow that trainer was gooood! But one week on your fab, spot-on ideas have faded to vague concepts.

b.  uninspired –  it’s the same stuff rehashed every year.

c.  already seeing the difference.

d.  planning the weekend ahead.

e.  stressed. Felt like a chance for your boss to have a dig at your skill set?

This looks like it’s getting serious. How do you feel about taking the next career step?

a.  Er, what next step? You’re just enjoying each day as it comes.

b.  Who knows? You’re all out of moves…

c.  Ready! You know where you’re going and how to get there.

d.  Like handing in your letter of resignation.

e.  Trapped.

How far would you go for the love of the job? 

a. If the rewards are right you’ll work late the odd night.

b. Don’t years of service say it all?

c. All the way, baby.

d. Arrive on time. Say once a week?

e. Love the job? You’re joking, right?

So is it a soul mates thing?

a. That’s way too grown up, time for all that later on.

b. Was once… could be again, s’pose.

c. Totally.

d. Um, is ‘fling’ too harsh?

e. More like cell mates.

So what’s your relationship with your job?

Mostly As: a holiday romance

You’re not looking to make any serious commitments at work. As long as you’re having a good time and feeling the loving then all is groovy. Love like this is fun while it lasts but it’s invariably short lived. What you put in does affect your long-term personal reward. Take control of your career and navigate the waves rather than hopping on for the ride.

 Mostly Bs: a lifeless marriage

You said ‘I do’ a long time ago. Deep down you know it’s the right place for you but you’ve lost touch with what ignited the flame and have settled for less than you deserve. Now is the time to reassess your career. What mind barriers stop you from moving forward? Take one at a time and work on them consistently. Remember to be patient with yourself. Breaking old habits takes time. Start with a few tweaks and you’ll rekindle your mojo.

Mostly Cs: The One

You understand the importance of a two-way relationship at work.  For you, taking meaningful action at work and responsibility for advancement is putting you on the map. Keep doing what you’re doing. Check you have a good work life balance as some of those long-term career goals will take a bit of steady pacing.

Mostly Ds: it’s over

Mentally you have moved on but physically you’re still pitching up and boring yourself as well as everyone else! You’ve made your choice so get on with it. Stop moaning and start acting! Box clever though. While you’re job hunting, step up at work. You’ll be amazed who knows who and how it connects back.

Mostly Es: You’re a Stepford Wife

Your job or your boss is squashing you. That takes up way too much negative energy and is depleting your resources. Make a plan to break free. Get a support network together of family or friends that will help you move forward. Ask for help in clarifying what the root cause of your fear at work is – and address it. You’re worth more and can find a role that has a positive impact on your life.


Recognise yourself in lots of this? You’re not alone. Everyone can find themselves in, out or somewhere in between when it comes to loving jobs. The smart choice is to recognise where you are with YOUR job and make put the right choices in play. Focused career coaching with Uevolve puts you and your career back on track.

LucindaAbout Lucinda

With a strong corporate background, Lucinda has worked at a senior level with a series of investment houses and blue chip companies in the City and West End. Having built a strong coaching practice Lucinda is in demand for one-to-one coaching and professional presentations and as an expert voice in media interviews.

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