Female-led companies have twice as many female board members

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Companies with female leaders have nearly twice as many women on their corporate boards in comparison to those led by men.

The report by Deloitte revealed that organisations with women in leadership positions have almost double the number of females in board seats.

Companies led by men had just 15.5 per cent of females in their boardrooms.

The report also shows that women are still under-represented globally when it comes to boardrooms, despite slow progress and continued efforts to improve diversity.

Norway currently ranks the highest for women on corporate boards, with a total of 42 per cent female representation, whilst the UK is 13th on the list of 44 countries studied. Britain’s representation stands at just 20 per cent.

The United Arab Emirates came 44th on the list, with just 2.1 per cent.

The top five countries with female board representation, according to the study, are Norway, France, Sweden, Italy and Belgium.

Deloitte’s North West Europe chairman, Nick Owen, commented on the findings:

“As the number of female CEOs and board chairs climbs, it is likely to spur greater board diversity and build a culture of inclusion,”

“This is not just about token representation, but active participation by women on boards.”

“Making boards and organisations inclusive is crucial to make sure that all perspectives are taken into account.”

Deloitte’s survey also highlighted that on a global scale, Women hold only four per cent of CEO and board chair positions.

Dame Helen Alexander, chair of UBM, plc responded to Deloitte’s survey:

“Companies that are transparent about their data, and actions to improve gender diversity, will attract more (female) talent.”

“Every firm wants the best people. Expanding gender diversity is one way to achieve it.”

Deloitte’s analysis is based on a dataset covering nearly 7,000 companies in 44 countries.

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