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“Too Much Career Development for Women is Outdated”

Right now, women are delivering great achievements at work and in their communities. Women’s unique traits add bottom-line benefits to organisations according to a growing body of academic and business research.  Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris, Founder of Female Breadwinners explains:

‘Too much of the current thinking around women’s career development focuses on ‘changing’ women to become more masculine in order to get ahead.  That approach is outdated, patronising and misses the most important point; women already have the right skills to make them fantastic employees, team players and leaders. We need to focus on building the skills women already have rather than forcing them to become ‘mini-men’ in order to progress.”

Comedienne Deborah Frances-White agrees: ‘Women often have natural headstart in certain skills we call ‘superpowers’. The skills can include diplomacy, empathy, deep listening, collaboration, lack of ego, lateral thinking, intuiting situations, charm, charisma, humour and a wider perspective not seen frequently enough in the halls of power.” Dr. Doyle-Morris notices with her own clients: “Acting with integrity is key for women as they progress their careers. Being the best version of yourself, not a pale imitation of successful men, is the only way to sustain the energy needed to get to the top – and the only way to enjoy the ride! Acting with integrity is vital and all too infrequent in the workplace – which is ironic, because integrity is what the best leadership is all about!”

So if you can develop these skills, who benefits?

  • Individuals thrive using it because they rely on skills authentic to themselves, not an adopted persona put on for work.
  • Colleagues love it because they are suddenly working with someone who can validate their strengths and encourage new strengths.
  • Clients adore it because ‘happy high status’ means they are treated with respect and understanding, even within commercial parameters and constraints.
  • Managers love it because communication flows much more easily and employee development suddenly becomes a positive experience for all.

newgirlsnetwork NetworkOn May 10, join Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris and Deborah Frances -White to unleash the ‘superpower’ revolution.  The afternoon will feature three experts who routinely work with blue-chip companies to help audience members unleash the ‘why, what and how’ of successful women.

Why: Dr Anne Moir, neuro-psychologist, is author of “Brainsex” will explain which neurological factors tend to make some behaviours more or less likely for each gender. Dr. Moir will also show how the brain is plastic and we can change behaviours that are unproductive and enhance tendencies that are powerful.

What: Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris, author of “Beyond the Boys’ Club” and “Female Breadwinners” holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge. She will explain the effective activities and behaviours for senior and aspiring working women who want to tap into their authenticity on the road to leadership.

How: Deborah Frances-White is a writer, comedian and host of sellout comedy show “How to Get Almost Anyone to Want to Sleep with You”. She will then describe how to achieve the high performance behaviours described by Suzanne, while avoiding those neurological and bio-chemical triggers Anne describes to make the most of our natural ‘superpowers’.

Panel: Margaret Heffernan, Author of ‘The Naked Truth” and “How She Does It”; Barbara Ann King, Director of SmartWoman, Barclays Wealth; Fiona O’Hara, Human Capital and Diversity Lead, Accenture, Fiona Thomson, former Special Advisor to No. 10

What: The New Girls Network: Unleash Your Superpowers

Where: Leicester Square Theatre, London

When: 1:45 registration for 2pm kick-off

Why: To supercharge your career plans by tapping into the most confident and authentic version of yourself!

Investment: £99 plus VAT – Corporate Discounts available for group bookings


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