confident-woman-blurred-backgroundDo you have CONFIDENCE, COMPETENCE AND CREDIBILITY IN your presentation and COMMUNICATION skills? If not, read on…

I know I keep on banging on about confidence. I think lack of confidence holds many women back. An unconfident woman can make us appear as supplicants which as you can imagine is not good for your business dealings particularly with male colleagues.

An investment banker once told me that, at bonus time, men would come in pointing out all the things they had done and asking for a bonus of £xxx. So they would get £xx. Women would come in and ask, ‘what’s my bonus going to be?’ They would get £x, find out that it was below other people’s, get resentful and often end up in an industrial tribunal.

Two other aspects of business which are crucial to get right are presentation and communication but they have to be the right kind. When some women get nervous they begin to babble and their message can get lost among the welter of words. Because we continue to live in the fast lane, today’s business model depends on clear presentation, succinct message and efficient listening skills.

To get the best advice about these important assets, I asked for advice from one of my networkers Lorna Sheldon. She has been a successful trainer/coach/speaker and consultant for 23 years, working in 27 countries with over 40 000 people. So learn from a master (or should that be mistress .. perhaps not!)

Lorna says: “There are eight essential personal skills and techniques that a first class communicator will demonstrate in all face to face and voice to voice opportunities. Most people only demonstrate 2-4 of these skills in 3. a positive manner.

“Without the right presentation skills we cannot capture the listening, keep people listening, interact with people, build relationships, persuade people around to our way or thinking, network and hold the attention of those we meet or run meetings effectively.

“Without these eight skills we are certainly not going to be able to guarantee a positive result.  We can however, if we do use all eight skills and techniques achieve top sales, first class presentations, strengthen our success in negotiations, win the job at interviews and build great networking opportunities.

“Perception is more powerful than fact, the first impression you create is paramount, followed by your second impression. Your first impression is totally about how you look, what you are wearing, your colours, your styles, your neckline, your skirt length, just about everything is evaluated by the audience either consciously or subconsciously. If we don’t accept what we see then we don’t put effort into listening and we make judgements.

“Your second impression is created by your voice which if used correctly can convey confidence, professionalism, knowledge of your subject and if you are prepared. This is your second impression that you create and happens in the immediate moments after you open your mouth. You have seconds in which to do this successfully. I give clients four areas to work on.

“Finally, your non-verbal language must tie in exactly with the messages and information being given to the listeners by the voice. Have a strong voice and weak body language and the latter becomes the deciding factor. Again there are 4 skills to work on.

“Just eight skills and techniques that guarantee you will be a success in business in 21st century.  Your confidence, competence and credibility depend on them.”

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