Confidence – my winning dating ticket!

Have you seen the picture of Kate Middleton in her most famous see through dress? You know,  the one with her striding  her stuff on the cat walk and the very same one that drove Britain’s future King to his knees? Check it out… Did you notice how confident she looked on the stage?  Rumour has it, and I think this is true, that she knew Wills was going to be at the show, so this WiseGirl positioned herself for her man and she did so with great confidence!!

After last week’s catch up, many other WiseGirls’s reached out to me with their thoughts and comments!! All the questions asked boiled down to the  ’How do you do it’ question –  there was the how do I get the attention in the room question and then the ‘how do I keep him wanting more’, saying and acting the way Jamieson and Paul do with and around me!!

It all boils down to having Confidence!! A very wise man once said, “without confidence, you are twice defeated in the race of life… with confidence, you have won the race even before it started“!! How so true!! This speckle of wisdom is a time tested reality and is the backbone to my mojo. It is my secret inner strength that makes me walk into a room, and draw guys towards me like bees do to their queen!! And I am a Queen But like everything else that comes to us in life, it wasn’t developed in a day, it started by taking one step after the other,  and has been perfected through tears, laughter and hard work!!   It goes deeper and beyond reading daily motivational quotes!

You see, I always remind myself all the time, about the one thing that I know that I do best and well ALL the time.This may be different for you, but for me, I take pride in my work and my profession! It is not the all in all per se, but it  allows me to display my natural and refined God given intellectual capabilities. Put  it this way, if I were Coco Chanel, my inner confidence will come from creating fashionable suits and stunning little black dresses that makes women feel super sexy and strong in who they are and men’s heart swoon for the women in those clothes! Likewise, knowing that my body is a temple, in and out props up my confidence level!! I am careful about what I put into  and hang on this body!!! I like to stay toned up, so I eat fresh (my 5 veg and fruit a day is a must!)  without breaking the bank! Although I am not a 7-day gym enthusiast, I exercise frequently, mostly by walking around (and I do a lot of that!!) What covers the temple is also just as important!! I keep my eye on the bank but if the clothes  doesn’t make me feel my super sexy, prim and classic self, it gets binned!! I also find that prayer and meditation, helps me to keep my spirit and soul in check! and last but not the least, I keep my my home clean and tidy at all times.. Don’t ask how and why there is a connection between keeping my immediate surroundings tidy and my confidence levels but I’ve noticed that when my super sexy lean flat is organised and tidy, my life appears less chaotic, which makes me feel even more confident!! It just so happens..

My internal confidence  reflects on the outside in a number of ways –   it shows in the way I walk, head high shoulders up!! not in an arrogant way but in a way that says, I’ve got this!!! It shows in the way I speak and the gestures I make when I speak.. then it helps me  attract the type of guys that I want to end up with into my life at least before they go through the high conviction exercise but at the start, I am able to screen out the rif raf wonna be’s!!!

It’s all about feeling in control of the process.. so go for it!!!

As  always, I love you for reading and sharing.. Let’s continue talking on  WiseGirls Talk, which started today!!


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