Content License Policy

This policy provides guidelines for the acceptance of content license usage, on the Fidelity Consulting Limited websites,, and

Background and document purpose

  • Fidelity Consulting Limited allows businesses and other organisations to advertise on its websites in various ways including annual and subscription based advertising.
  • This policy document defines the site-wide content policies and technical standards to be applied.

2.    Principles

2.1    The policy assumes that all advertising presented falls within the rules and guidelines laid down by the Advertising Standards Authority and the British Codes of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing. The basic principles of the codes are that advertisements should be:

  • Legal, decent, honest and truthful
  • Prepared with a sense of responsibility to consumers and society
  • In line with generally accepted standards of fair competition in business
  • Reflect the spirit as well as the letter of the codes

3. Usage

3.1  The content license will be available for the period of days purchased and the number of posts will be made available for that period as agreed with the sales agent. Fidelity Consulting Limited are unable to remind the license holder of the use and availability of remaining advertising posts (credits) available. The license holder holds the responsibility of managing the remaining post credits to be promoted on Fidelity Consulting Limited websites

3.2 Fidelity Consulting Limited may offer or provide additional advertising services if the article is of particular interest to website users and members. Fidelity Consulting Limited reserve the right to the decision of additional promotional activities and are based upon Fidelity Consulting Limited agents decisions.

These may include one or some of the following;

  • Monthly newsletter inclusion
  • Weekly digest email inclusion
  • Featured homepage image
  • Additional mentions via social media

3.3 All advertisers must adhere to the overall privacy policy and advertising and web marketing policies

3.4 Any remaining posts after the duration of the period purchased, will not be able to be used once the paid period has lapsed.

3.5 Fidelity Consulting Limited reserve the right to cancel the license and offer a percentage of a full refund on the remaining post credits

3.6 Fidelity Consulting Limited will publish the final version of the advertising content within 2 UK standard business days.

3.7 Fidelity Consulting Limited only provide one iteration per content post submitted. Any additional iterations could be liable for additional administration charges

3.8 Fidelity Consulting Limited will promote published content also via social media channels, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Each post will be tweeted out and pushed to Fidelity Consulting Limited Facebook pages automatically at the time of publishing.  Fidelity Consulting Limited reserve the right for additional tweets referencing the published content.

3.9 Fidelity Consulting Limited can only guarantee that all published advertising content will be visible on their website home pages for a period of 24 hours. Depending on the period and category, some posts may remain on the home page for up to a period of seven days.

4.0 Fidelity Consulting Limited reserve the right to classify a post into site categories within the websites.


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