Coronavirus Crossroads: Equal Pay Day 2020 Report | The Fawcett Society

Coronavirus Crossroads - Equal Pay Day report, The Fawcett Society

As a result of the transformational and lasting impacts of the coronavirus crisis, the UK stands at a generational crossroads for equality in the workplace, and for equal pay for women.

Evidence suggests we face a reversal of progress in workplace equality and that we may be turning the clock back decades. But there are also reasons to believe that the adjustments that we needed to make during the pandemic have demonstrated change is possible and may lead to a longer-term positive change in the way we work. But this will only be realised if Government takes the necessary action to enable this change and to prevent the gains that have been made in the fifty years since the Equal Pay Act from being lost.

This report examines both the warning signs that gender equality is going backwards – our fears – and the ways in which progress could emerge – signs of hope.


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