How to create a business out of your hobby | Polly Thomson, McLaggan Smith Mugs

Mclaggan Smiths Mugs is a family business operating in Jamestown, a couple of miles from the beautiful shores of Loch Lomond in the West of Scotland.

How to create a business out of your hobby | Polly Thomson, McLaggan Smith MuPolly Thomson, director of the business turned her ceramic hobby into a business and now provides customers with an efficient service selling quirky mugs with lots of character.

Polly’s business venture stocks incredibly popular designs from Sir Quentin Blake, Orla Kiely, Roderick Field, Simon Drew, Edward Monkton, Madeleine Floyd and Brora, to name just a few. Polly has shared her top tips for making a business out of her ceramics hobby.

Sell, Create or Craft a Products for Enthusiasts in Your Hobby

Mclaggan and Smith Mugs create bespoke mugs that can will are loved by ceramic enthusiasts. Polly chooses designers who she loves and creates stunning mugs which she can also enjoy having around the house.

Polly is extremely enthusiastic about ceramics and also enjoys British art work. Putting her two passion together MS Mugs stock some of Britain’s best art work on ceramic design.

MS Mugs have great products and even stock designs from Roald Dahl illustrator Sir Quentin Black. As Quentin Blake is a national treasure in the UK, this gives MS Mugs an upper-hand on their competition.

Make sure that when you are starting your business that you have something unique to offer your consumers. Having a USP will change what you do from a hobby into a fully functioning business.

Be Active on Social Media

How to create a business out of your hobby | Polly Thomson, McLaggan Smith Mugs 2MS Mugs love social media and recommend that any hobbyists starting a business have a look at their market on social media first. The custom mug designers have a following that is more than a 1000 on Twitter. The main key to success online is to create a social media strategy before creating social media profiles.

As MS Mugs often have humorous artwork on them it was obvious that though social media they would be able to achieve a number of business goals and objectives, and how social media can help achieve those.

Make sure you are choosing the right social network for your business. MS Mugs may be based in rural Scotland however they are able to access a number of customers across the UK. This is why Twitter is great for start-ups who want to create brand awareness about their business or products.

By building an online community through your social media it won’t be long until your followers are engaging and sharing your posts. As a family business, MS Mugs also wanted to show their social media audience the people behind the product or service they offer.

Spot The Gap in The Market

MS Mugs create bespoke personalised mugs which can be personalised for any occasion. As a fan of ceramics, Polly knows that mugs can be very special to us. McLaggin Smith Mugs allow their customers to add text to the handle of your new mug. If your mug means a lot to you adding a name or short message on it will make it even more personal to you.

The Benefits of Changing Your Hobby into A Business

Your business will also be more efficient was the person driving it will know about the products which is a great help for customers. The passion for ceramic design has ran in Polly’s family and it was her Dad who started the family business.

There are so many benefits of starting a business out of your hobby, not only will you enjoy what you are making or serving – it is hard to loose passion for something that you love.



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