How to create the dream home office

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Do you work from home? You’re not alone: in the UK, there are an estimated 4.2 million people who swap the office for home every day. It’s not hard to see why home-working is so popular: it gives us a better work-life balance, cuts commuting costs completely and gives us the flexibility we crave.

Here are some ways you can create the dream home office that suits your needs.

Enjoy where you work

In order to work from home productively, you should work in a motivating but beautiful workspace – that means functional furniture with a strong aesthetic appeal. Opt for study furniture that supports your lower back and means your feet sit snug and level on the floor. Comfort and posture are key.

Keep an eye on the thermostat

Temperature is key to creating the perfect working environment. Not too hot, not too cold, but somewhere in-between. It’s thought the best temperature for happy home working is between 21 and 22 degrees Celsius. Opt for blinds in summer and thick curtains in winter.

Let there be light

Make sure you have a strong light source on your work desk – research suggests increasing lighting levels from 300 to 2,000 lux can boost your productivity and performance.

Regularly declutter

If your workspace starts to look a bit messy, start decluttering. Keep things organised with efficient filing and have a tidy up at the end of each day, throwing anything away you don’t need and storing things away as efficiently as possible.

Opt for friendly accessories

You don’t want your home office to look corporate. Yes, it’s a professional space, but it’s also a part of your home, too. Pepper your office with some friendly extras, such as stylish pencil-holders, inspirational quotes and some wall art.

Do you have any ideas on what makes a dream home office? Share your ideas and inspirations below!

Julie Paul is the Head of Interior Design and Trade at and has worked on interior design projects all around the world. She trained at the Chelsea College of Art and Design and is passionate about interiors, architecture and working with people.

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