Create your perfect 2014 in 2013: the best way to spend Christmas

LaurenceJames-xmasHow do you feel about Christmas?

The first couple of weeks of December are often fun with all the anticipation, office par-tays and shopping frenzy. But as the month heads towards the big day, we often feel like we’ve had enough of all the enforced cheer, schmaltzy TV ads and serial over-imbibing.

The e-mail traffic starts to slow down and our Antipodean workmates embark on their long flights home to a summer Christmas (Grrrr.)

Effectively, from mid-December London shuts down for two weeks. You may be forced in on the 30th for ‘holiday cover’ in the office – which of course will look like an empty aircraft hangar – but basically the capital is switched off! At least until New Year’s Eve, that is.

So you have two weeks, a fortnight you could gurgle and guzzle through to the sound of endless Mariah C and Michael B. Or a fortnight in which you could change your life.

The last days of a year are the perfect time to make change happen. Assuming you have plans for the big day itself, there is an awful lot of downtime in that fortnight that you could spend creating a 2014 that’s very different from your 2o13.

To start with, how was the last year? Is your career soaring like Katy Perry’s Firework or drowning in office politics? Is Cupid delivering the goods or has he run out of arrows? Is happiness proving elusive? Have you got a dream – your own company, a film script, a desire to help others, a spiritual transformation, a body reboot – that you just don’t know how to create?

If any of these is true, you can work with a coach to create a very different 2014.

Why a coach? Well, a coach is a trained, committed mentor whose sole mission is to help you find the answers within yourself. I should know, I am one! Life coach, career coach, relationship coach, that’s me.

A coach won’t endlessly delve into your past like a therapist. I do want to hear your story, it’s important context, but then what I really want to hear about are your goals and dreams: The career, the relationship, the happiness that you want to create.

A coach is an action-oriented cheerleader of the spirit who will ask all the right questions until you yourself find the answers. Yes I’ll set goals and help with timelines and planning, but the key is always to find the answer within You!

So why not work with a coach over the festive season? You can have sessions face-to-face, on the phone, or of course on Skype which is perfect for Christmas interaction if you’re not in London or can’t face transport hassles.

Imagine going out on New Year’s Eve knowing that major change is going to happen in 2014 and – even better – it’s already underway.

This Christmas invest in a short programme of life-changing life-coaching here at   It’s the best Christmas present you could ever give yourself.

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