Crown Jewels : The Cookie Jar

Picture this: Johnny as a young boy loved mummy’s cookies (real cookies), but mummy knowing best, knows that too much of the cookies is not good for Johnny and also knowing best, rewards Johnny with cookies when he’s done good. However, sometimes Johnny is impatient and he rewards himself too; when he thinks no one is watching, he dips his hands slowly into the cookie jar for crumbs!! The ultimate reward he knows, is having a big piece of  the hot and yummy cookie that mummy will give  him when he’s done something good! And he enjoys those moments, secretly, always longing for those precious moments!! Johnny the young boy can be found in every guy on this planet! Believe you me!!

It is now 2012, as with other million guys in this world,  the little Johnny boy is coming out in many ways in Jamieson. It is interesting to watch it play out though.  He wants THE Cookie before living out and demonstrating his credible soul!! Matter of fact, he wanted THE cookie right from day one!! Unbeknownst to him, or maybe he knows, this  is not just an issue peculiar to Jamieson!! Matter of fact, scientists through their many wise ways, have shared with us all that men are stimulated by what they see… their visual projections translates into urges (you know the one that I am referring to here) faster than us women!!! It really did bother me at first when I noticed and experienced all their quick tendencies, but guy after guy after guy, have told me over and over and over again that that is how they are wired!! OK accepted!! They also have shared with me, that they like it very much if they have to wait and be given it like mummy did them when they were young! In other words, they like to earn their cookies!! However, just like when they were in their younger years, they will try and dip their hand in the cookie jar for crumbs. It is up to you and me, to slap their hands off! Oh I love this game!!

See Jamieson and I talk lightly about ‘cookie’ making sometimes!  In the lightest way possible! I’m still a slightly prudish lady trying to break free here!! Let’s not jam it up too much!  To give him the ultimate of what may come in the future, I engage him, keeping it light and breezy, I’m being careful but this is not the 40′s!! You know what I mean?   But like little Johnny trying to get crumbs, he doesn’t really stop talking about it nor does he stop trying to reach for the ‘top shelf ‘ for the cookie jar!!. It’s like a dance!!

Every time he sees me, he mixes up his own peculiar ingredients (words , good style and tells me a little bit more about him), he makes sure that the ‘oven’ is super hot , ready to pop out hot cookies!!! Damn!!! He makes me laugh!! Don’t get me wrong, I am not making light of someone’s game but knowing what I know and watching it play out the way it is going right now, is very funny!!!

So just like mummy did when Jamieson was little Johnny, THE cookie is being reserved as the ultimate reward! For now he only gets crumbs along the way.

I see this as my  crown jewel insurance!! You know what I mean?

I love you for reading..

Wise Girl

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