CVs & Résumés: Get Them Right to Get the Job – Infographic

A surge in unemployment in recent years has made the hunt for jobs extremely competitive.

Any time a vacancy opens up, recruiters will inevitably be inundated with CVs from hopeful applicants. Of course, recruiters can only devote so much time to each application and they need to be impressed immediately, or else a candidate’s CV will be dismissed without consideration. That’s why it is crucial for any job applicant to make sure that their CV isn’t just one of the crowd; it needs to stand out and scream ‘Hire me’ to the employer.

Well, not literally just ‘Hire me’. You’ll need to show that you have the experience and aptitudes necessary for the job, and the only way to do this sufficiently is to explicitly outline how you made a difference for the better in previous roles. A recruiter who sees a CV that simply states ‘hard worker’, ‘can work well under pressure’ or ‘team player’ will deduce that the applicant is talking the talk but has not demonstrated that they can walk the walk.

On that note, do not pollute your application with clichés. This is one of a recruiter’s main bugbears, along with overly artistic images and font types and ridiculously lengthy CVs, to name but a few. The main pitfall to avoid is, you would think, an obvious one – spelling and grammar mistakes. Shockingly, these are abundant in CVs, and they will jeopardise your application automatically.

This infographic from Ayers ( highlights not just the pet peeves to avoid, but also the points that recruiters want to see in a CV. If you can take time to get your application word perfect and sufficiently comprehensive, with real life examples that you’re just what an employer is looking for, your chances of at least securing an interview are strengthened considerably. If you’re on the lookout for a new job, the infographic below is well worth your attention.

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