Dancing: A good way to lose weight while having fun

It’s January again, and for the majority of us, a fresh start to get healthy and lose weight.


So many people rush to join a gym, pay extortionate fees, have to deal with the busy times and struggle to get on much of the equipment they want. This all sounds like an ordeal already making me want to quit something I haven’t even joined yet!

A much more enjoyable and popular solution is dancing. It’s becoming a great way of getting fit and healthy, and with programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing with the Stars, we see celebrities like Kelly Osbourne overcoming weight issues, simply by eating well and dancing!

You can go on your own to a class, with a partner, or even with a group of friends. There are so many different styles to try, and no matter what fitness shape you’re in, or what your dancing experience is, there is plenty for you. Whether you fancy some salsa, Zumba, ballet, or jazz, there are so many options to try out.

They can be much more beneficial than regular gym sessions too. Generally dance classes will work a lot more parts of your body than in the gym, where you can focus too much on certain areas. Dancing works muscles you won’t even know you have!

Salsa dancing is a great workout to improve cardiovascular fitness levels, and gain stronger muscles and bones. It requires you to move all major muscle groups, including lower body, upper body and core muscles, which include the abdomen and lower back.


The dance steps of salsa require you to perform three weight changes (or steps) to a four beat measure. The forward movements target your quadriceps, which are the muscles at the front of your thighs, while the backward motions work your hamstrings and buttocks. The fast beat of the music, the frequent weight changes, and the posture of salsa give you a well-rounded and rewarding workout.

Jazz dance is also a great chance to lose weight and have fun while doing it, but it offers you a lot of mental stimulation, too, which is ideal to ward off the winter blues. Jazz has Caribbean traditional dance roots, and so consists of a complex series of twists, spins, and turns, which stimulate your lower body muscles and abdomen in particular. It is also a good workout if you’re looking to tone your muscles and build up your physical endurance, due to its aerobic nature.

Ballet is an ideal dance if you don’t have much time, but want to lose weight. Even if you attend just once a week, you can still see results, as the slow yet precise and strenuous dance moves stimulate your muscle fibres which in turn help to boost your metabolism and results in mass calorie burning. Ballet is the right dance for you if you’re having trouble sleeping, as the controlled and intense exercises of this dance are ideal for promoting a deeper sleep.


Zumba like salsa is an all-round workout, and the goal of a Zumba class is to stimulate all muscle groups evenly. Most of the moves come from your core muscles, and so you will gain a lot of benefit to your abdomen, buttocks and lower thighs. Zumba is a combination of aerobic like lunges, intense footwork and salsa inspired hip shakes. If you want a dance orientated workout but aren’t sure which dance style to go for, then consider giving Zumba a go, as it takes the best from all dance styles.

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