Dare to go bare for International Women’s Day

Dare to Bare ProCoal

UK beauty brand Procoal are daring you to go bare faced for International Women’s Day!

With International Women’s Day fast approaching, Procoal has turned their head to the meaning behind the day and it’s deep rooted history of womanhood and focal point for women’s rights worldwide.

With many countries making the day a public holiday whilst other places completely ignore it from the calendar. It is with this in mind that brought about Procoal’s challenge of dare to bare, meaning absolutely nothing on your face apart from a smile!

No matter what the day had in store for you, a business meeting? Job interview? Perhaps even a first date?  We dare you all to do it all fresh faced and makeup free, forcing people to pay attention to you and not your foundation, contour or lipstick.

Jessica Constanti

With skin confidence circulating the media a lot in recent weeks, and with bloggers such as My Pale Skin producing a number of skin confidence related YouTube videos showing just how vicious internet trolling can be and the added pressure for women to look ‘pretty’ to be taken seriously and listened to, there is no time like the present!

Procoal is encouraging you all to ditch the makeup for the day and tackle the 8th March head on with all the oomph and power that’s behind every empowered women and joining together will make quite the impact on such an historical day for women all over the world.

Procoal’s social media manager Jessica Constanti will be going make-up free for the entirety of March, stating, “I’m excited and proud to take on this challenge, albeit I’m a little apprehensive about dinner dates and nights out I have planned, however it will be an amazing confidence boost and in support of International Women’s Day”.

So come on girls, dare to bare this International Women’s Day!

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